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Powerful jobs impact men's, women's psyches differently

Having a powerful job can impact the psyches of men and women in opposite ways.

Thursday - 11/20/2014, 09:24am EST

Tags: stress, women bosses,

Not everyone needs cheering up

Some people just don't want to be cheered up. And putting on a happy face for someone who isn't happy -- that really doesn't work.

Sunday - 07/06/2014, 09:42pm EDT

Tags: feelings, Dr. Denise Marigold, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology


Talk therapy could help with insomnia, depression

A new report finds that talk therapy sessions could help fight depression -- without anti-depressant drugs.

Tuesday - 11/19/2013, 10:39am EST

Tags: insomnia, sleep, Colleen Kelleher

Coping with the shutdown: The best medicine is laughter

A lot of federal workers are dealing with feelings of anxiety, angst and even sadness, but there are ways to beat the shutdown blues.

Friday - 10/04/2013, 09:18am EDT

Tags: shutdown, paula wolfson, furlough, Thomas Wise,

Massage offers wide range of benefits

Research suggests that massage can ease insomnia, boost immunity, prevent premenstrual syndrome. Many hospitals have started using massage as a standard therapy.

Tuesday - 07/02/2013, 04:26am EDT

Tags: massage, chronic illness, PMS, insomnia, pain management, veronica robinson, Tiffany Field, Group Health Research Institute

Diet or exercise? It depends on the goal

When it comes to getting healthy, what you're trying to accomplish will help you determine which is better, dieting or exercising.

Friday - 06/21/2013, 06:53am EDT

Tags: alan etter, weight loss, Women, diet, nutrition, mood, exercise, dieting

Lousy mood? Put on some happy music

It sounds simple enough -- choosing to listen to happy music can make you happier.

Friday - 05/31/2013, 03:16am EDT

Tags: mood music, Neal Augenstein, mood, happiness, Aaron Copland, Igor Stravinsky


Treating depression? There's an app for that

Smart phone users can conjure up recipes, find directions, identify a song and, soon, fight depression, all with the push of a button.

Sunday - 03/03/2013, 08:37am EST

Tags: Rosemary Frisino-Toohey, Diego Pizzagalli, app, MoodTune

Biggest challenge for Parkinson's patients may be depression

Doctors have focused on treating physical symptoms of Parkinson's disease, but results from a recent study suggest depression may be the biggest hurdle patients face.

Wednesday - 01/09/2013, 07:10am EST

Tags: Dr. Zoltan Mari, Johns Hopkins, paula wolfson,

Eat your way to a better mood

Are you stress eating? Well, it turns out it actually helps - as long as you're eating the right foods.

Thursday - 10/18/2012, 05:32am EDT

Tags: chocolate, Megan Cloherty, mood, mental health, mood-boosting foods

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