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Prince George's County's plan to increase safety

Prince George's County plans to make a troubled neighborhood safer just by changing the way it does business.

Wednesday - 04/18/2012, 06:30pm EDT

Tags: top ten health, Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative, Prince George

Student: Victimized kids need to see 'Bully'

When 17-year-old Katy Butler came out as a lesbian in middle school, some of her classmates retaliated against her. They called her names, pushed her into lockers and broke one of her fingers. She was eventually forced to change schools.

Saturday - 04/14/2012, 07:53pm EDT

Tags: alicia lozano, bully, bullying, MPAA


Star Trek technology may be the next frontier (VIDEO)

In "Star Trek," a futuristic device called a tricoder was used to scan new and unfamiliar planets. Now, a similar device may soon be available on earth.

Wednesday - 04/11/2012, 04:17am EDT

Tags: star trek, x-ray, video, UCLA

Mold, slime and other gross grocery store realities

If pink slime has you on the defensive, you might be surprised to learn what else lurks in your food.

Tuesday - 04/10/2012, 06:16am EDT

Tags: pink slime, shopping, food, mold, grocery shopping, giant,

Ex-TSA employee faces prostitution charges after sex 'party'

A former Transportation Security Administration employee is facing prostitution charges after police busted a sex operation in an area hotel.

Wednesday - 03/28/2012, 04:59pm EDT

Tags: TSA, prostitution, Paul Starks, Dulles Airport

Working overtime might actually be a waste of time

Those who work a lot of overtime and think they are getting more done might want to reevaluate their routines.

Wednesday - 03/28/2012, 04:25am EDT

Tags: overtime

Charles County struggles with overcrowded schools

The superintendent and school board are reviewing plans for yet another redistricting of schools in Charles County.

Tuesday - 03/27/2012, 10:16am EDT

Tags: Charles County, growing pains

Hunger Games premiere drives library frenzy

The waiting list for the trilogy, The Hunger Games is long all across Charles, Calvert and St. Mary's Counties.

Tuesday - 03/13/2012, 03:49pm EDT

Tags: hunger games, library,

National Parks Service whistleblower reprimanded

Darci Marchese, WTOP Reporter

Thursday - 03/08/2012, 08:21pm EST

Tags: Dan Snyder, National Parks Service,


Homeowner credits Occupy D.C. with saving her home

Bertina Jones says while protesting outside of the headquarters at Tysons Corner, Freddie Mac invited Jones inside for a sit-down with a representative at the bank.

Tuesday - 03/06/2012, 07:02am EST

Tags: Occupy D.C., Freddie Mac, foreclosure, Bank of America, Bowie, Md.

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