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The mystery on Mars will be revealed on Monday

NASA is downplaying reports that a major discovery was made by the Mars rover Curiosity.

Sunday - 12/02/2012, 09:03am EST

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First video from Curiosity landing released by NASA (VIDEO)

Low-resolution video is now available of the Curiosity rover's landing -- better known to some as the "seven minutes of terror."

Monday - 08/06/2012, 10:28pm EDT

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NASA's 'Mohawk Guy' draws 'Curiosity' of his own

As space lovers everywhere watched the live feed of NASA's Curiosity landing, another star was born -- but this one wasn't in the sky. He was in the NASA control room.

Monday - 08/06/2012, 05:27am EDT

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Discovery crashes plane in Mexican desert...on purpose (VIDEO)

Plane crashes are usually horrific disasters. But this one is meant for education and entertainment.

Tuesday - 05/01/2012, 05:54am EDT

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