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Bugs: Food of the future has multiple legs

Could eating bugs solve world hunger and be delicious?

Thursday - 06/27/2013, 04:48am EDT

Tags: insects, bugs, food, sustainability, sustainable food, Kate Ryan, Mike Raupp, marcel dicke, daniella martin

Arborists: Emerging cicadas may damage small trees

Cicadas are mostly harmless, but arborists warn that small trees and shrubs could be damaged as female cicadas lay their eggs.

Tuesday - 06/25/2013, 05:44am EDT

Tags: Brood II cicadas, Dick Uliano, arborist, josh nadler, flagging

Va. foresters say cicada outbreak damaging treess

Thursday - 06/20/2013, 04:00pm EDT


Cicadas, pollen and other summertime car killers

A brood of 17-year cicadas is creating quite the buzz around here. And while the big-eyed bugs are no harm to you, your car is another story.

Tuesday - 06/04/2013, 06:17am EDT

Tags: Brennan Haselton, car care, WTOP Saves You Money

If you don't see cicadas this week, you won't (Video)

ABC 7 Meteorologist Lauryn Ricketts expects the heat wave will get the insects moving in the next few days.

Thursday - 05/30/2013, 07:35am EDT

Tags: michelle basch, locusts, bugs, brood ii, lauryn ricketts

Web cam captures fascination, disgust of watching cicadas (Video)

Most residents of the Washington area know to expect the cicadas we've been told will swarm this summer. While many of us are happy to skip the whole episode, there is a spot to see the incoming guests for those excited about their arrival.

Tuesday - 05/28/2013, 12:17pm EDT

Tags: Science Channel

How will the cicada invasion affect your pets?

The entire East Coast is "abuzz" about the impending entomological invasion that is promised to occur any day now. And with the weather finally warming this week, that magical 64 degrees that the ground has to reach before the cicadas emerge is sure to occur soon.

Wednesday - 05/22/2013, 05:53pm EDT

Tags: pets, Dr. Pawz, Dr. Katy Nelson

Be part of WTOP's cicada coverage

Cicadas have started to emerge and will be making quite a racket in the coming weeks.

Monday - 05/20/2013, 02:05pm EDT

Tags: brood ii

Sex-seeking cicadas begin to emerge in Southern Maryland

Cicadas have been spotted in St. Mary's County. The worst of the 17-year bug infestation will hit by the first week of June.

Monday - 05/13/2013, 04:12am EDT

Tags: Hank Silverberg, brood ii, Mike Raupp, Southern Maryland, Northern Virginia, St. Mary

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