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Allowance advice for well-meaning parents

Giving out a regular allowance might not be the best way to impart financial lessons.

Tuesday - 09/23/2014, 09:45am EDT

Tags: parenting, allowance, Children

Virginia governor creates 'Children's Cabinet'

Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe is forming a new "Children's Cabinet" to focus on improving conditions of Virginia's youth.

Monday - 08/11/2014, 06:44pm EDT

Tags: Terry McAuliffe, Dorothy McAuliffe, Children

Type of drowning kills hours after submersion

What many parents may not realize is there is a form of drowning that's deceptive and kills over time.

Wednesday - 06/18/2014, 06:06am EDT

Tags: paula wolfson, drowning, health, water, swimming, Children, parenting

Teaching your kids about money: start now

If your kid has a summer job, how can you, as a parent, give them the tools to save some of what they make?

Saturday - 06/07/2014, 11:14am EDT

Tags: money, Children

Study: Children from violent homes are being put in danger

A new study released Thursday by an advocacy group in Montgomery County sheds light on what researchers say is a lack of resources in cases of domestic abuse.

Thursday - 05/29/2014, 03:38pm EDT

Tags: domestic violence, supervised visitation, Children

Children increasingly victimized by terrorists, not just targets

As terrorism proliferates around the world, children are increasingly victimized, not only as targets but also as pawns, like the Nigerian girls kidnapped by the Boko Haram.

Thursday - 05/29/2014, 03:24pm EDT

Tags: JJ Green, Bruce Alan, Boko Haram, Children, terrorism


The big switch: Caring and preparing as parents age

As parents age, roles often switch -- caregiver becomes the cared for. As this transition happens, important and often difficult conversations must be had as a family.

Wednesday - 05/28/2014, 05:59am EDT

Tags: parenting, aging parents, elder care, Children, family, virginia morris, lacey mason, parents

Tattooed children lead to charges against 3

Wednesday - 05/21/2014, 07:46am EDT

Tags: Campbell County, tattoo, Children

Tips to limit kids' time with electronics

Parents enforce rules for their children about bedtimes, diet, chores and more, but a parenting expert says it is important to mandate how they spend time with electronics, too.

Monday - 05/19/2014, 11:19am EDT

Tags: Amy Morin, tech, Look Up, Sarah Beth Hensley, parenting, Children

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