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Tips for drying out a soaking wet phone

The notion is a smartphone immersed in liquid is a stomach punch for any user. Here's a complete guide for drying it out.

Wednesday - 02/12/2014, 02:56pm EST

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Most workers annoyed by colleagues' phone habits

Are you annoyed by your co-workers' cell-phone use at the office? You're not alone.

Friday - 12/06/2013, 07:16am EST


Consumer Reports ranks wireless services

Which wireless company offers the best cell phone service? Consumer Reports has released a customer satisfaction survey.

Saturday - 11/30/2013, 01:56pm EST

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Md. laws will be more stringent for drivers using cell phones

Drivers may be tempted when they hear their phone ding or buzz, but they'll have to resist even picking up the phone while driving in Maryland, or risk being pulled over.

Saturday - 09/21/2013, 10:07am EDT

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Teen's tiny device would quickly charge cellphones (Video)

An 18-year-old has developed a tiny device that fits inside cellphone batteries and charges a phone in 20 to 30 seconds.

Monday - 05/20/2013, 06:46am EDT

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Used, unwanted cellphones can get you cash

A new survey by a company that sells used cellphones online estimates Americans have a mind- blowing $33.85 billion worth of old smartphones sitting unused in their homes.

Tuesday - 02/19/2013, 04:44am EST

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FCC: Communications slowly improving after Sandy

Cell towers knocked out by Superstorm Sandy were slowly coming back to life Wednesday, federal regulators said, but about 1 in 5 were still out of service in a storm-hit area stretching from Virginia to Massachusetts.

That compares with 1 in 4 cell towers that were out of service Tuesday, the day after the storm made landfall.

Wednesday - 10/31/2012, 04:48pm EDT

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Cellphones and bacteria: A love affair bred from human habits

There may be just as many germs on cellphones as there are on the handles in a bathroom.

Wednesday - 10/24/2012, 07:29am EDT

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App traces lost cellphones, even if batteries die

A lost phone with a dead battery is no problem if the phone is equipped with a new app by San Francisco-based Lookout Mobile Security.

Wednesday - 10/10/2012, 07:51am EDT

Tags: battery life, app

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