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D.C. homicide closure rate complex

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier has recently touted the city's success at closing homicide cases, but a newspaper says the way the success is calculated can be misleading.

Sunday - 02/19/2012, 01:56pm EST

Tags: Vincent Gray, Cathy Lanier, murder, Crime

Driving without a seatbelt? That will cost you $50

Metropolitan Police are ramping up efforts to ticket people who drive without buckling up, even at night.

Friday - 02/03/2012, 04:44am EST

Tags: D.C. police, Cathy Lanier, Ask the Chief, michelle basch

Congress, D.C. debate laws governing 'Occupy' in McPherson

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will hold a hearing to determine who authorized the prolonged encampment in McPherson Square.

Tuesday - 01/24/2012, 11:51am EST

Tags: Occupy D.C., McPherson Square, Cathy Lanier, Jonathan Jarvis, Dr. Mohammed Akhter, mark segraves

D.C. police to offer reward program for gadget thefts

D.C. police are about to offer a smartphone rebate to beat all others.

Tuesday - 01/24/2012, 07:03am EST

Tags: D.C. police, Cathy Lanier, Federal Communications Commission

Chief: MPD asks for help with violent crimes; 170K fewer traffic tickets

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier was on "Ask the Chief" at 10 a.m. on Thursday.

Thursday - 01/05/2012, 01:53pm EST

Tags: Cathy Lanier, D.C. Chief of Police, transgender, cityshare, bike share, traffic ticket, block the box, speeding ticket, speed cameras, homicide


Police service areas in D.C. change with new year

The changes made by the Metropolitan Police Department are aimed at providing more police coverage in busier areas that have more crime.

Monday - 01/02/2012, 04:10am EST

Tags: Cathy Lanier, Metropolitan Police Department, D.C. police, police service areas, Crime

Homicides down in D.C., but thefts, sexual assaults up

The number of murders is down significantly in the District, but other types of crime are still a problem in the city.

Saturday - 12/31/2011, 11:47am EST

Tags: Crime, Cathy Lanier, Vincent Gray, homicides, murders, thefts, sexual assault

Lanier: Claim that Occupy D.C. is causing a crime spike is 'ludicrous'

The head of D.C.'s police union says crime in the city has increased significantly since the Occupy protesters came to town, a claim that the city's police chief calls crazy and ludicrous.

Saturday - 12/31/2011, 09:26am EST

Tags: occupy dc, Cathy Lanier, FOP, D.C. police, Kristopher Baumann

Metro police force has grown with ridership, numbers show

D.C. police Chief Cathy Lanier raised a few eyebrows last week when she suggested to a congressional panel that Metro doesn't have enough officers to handle its ridership.

Tuesday - 06/28/2011, 01:46pm EDT

Tags: Adam Tuss, Cathy Lanier, Michael Taborn, metro transit police, D.C. police, Richard Sarles

Officials testify on Metro system safety

The Metro Transit police chief says his officers have responded to an increasing number of calls this year for suspicious packages or persons or bomb threats.

Saturday - 06/25/2011, 02:31pm EDT

Tags: Metro, metro transit police, Michael Taborn, Cathy Lanier

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