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'Dream Team' to unlock mysteries of the brain

Efforts to map the brain will team government and private sector scientists who caution their work will take years. But the new knowledge of the human mind could yield treatments for an array of disorders, like paralysis and epilepsy.

Wednesday - 04/03/2013, 07:29am EDT

Tags: NIH, Paula Wolfson, Bethesda, Md., Alzheimer, Parkinsons

Listening to music at work aids concentration

Think the guy in the next cubicle is being rude by wearing his earbuds and listening to music? He may just be sharpening his brain.

Tuesday - 08/14/2012, 06:38am EDT

Tags: music, University of Miami, darci marchese, work productivity


Brain's reward center determines self-control

If self-control is a problem, it may not be a person's willpower that's the issue. It may be how the brain's reward center responds to those things the person loves, including food and sex.

Wednesday - 04/25/2012, 07:48am EDT

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