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Mentally demanding jobs keep people smart past retirement

A mentally demanding job can be stressful. But, it could also keep people's minds sharp even after they retire.

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 01:14pm EDT

Tags: job, work, education, Kristi King

Understanding men and women via the brain

In order to understand your mate, you must first understand his or her brain.

Sunday - 05/19/2013, 08:47am EDT

Tags: Men, women, Randi Martin, Mark Gungor

Computer games may help reverse brain aging

A new government study finds that cognitive-training computer games can reverse aging in the brain.

Tuesday - 05/14/2013, 10:18am EDT

Tags: aging, NIH, computer games, crossword puzzles

Doctors: Healthy diet can ward off Alzheimer's

Brain food isn't just about powering through a test or a grueling day at work. Doctors say certain healthy foods can also help ward off Alzheimer's disease.

Wednesday - 05/08/2013, 10:53am EDT

Tags: diet, paula wolfson, Alzheimer


What your brain is doing while you nap

The right side of the brain goes into overdrive while napping compared to its neighboring left hemisphere.

Tuesday - 10/23/2012, 04:20am EDT

Tags: naps, Georgetown University Medical Center

Complaining is harmful to the brain

Whining isn't just annoying, it's bad for the brain.

Monday - 08/27/2012, 10:55am EDT

Tags: david burd, complaining, work


Study: Fatty fish oil prevents Alzheimer's, memory loss

The study says eating fish and other foods with omega-3 fatty acids keep your brain from aging.

Tuesday - 02/28/2012, 10:04am EST

Tags: omega 3, dementia, Peaks of Otter,

'It's Academic' host remembers 50 years of game shows

After an amazing 50 years in front of the camera, Mac McGarry recently retired as host of the local high school quiz show "It's Academic."

Saturday - 01/21/2012, 06:19am EST

Tags: Mac McGarry, Guinness Book of World Records, Its Academic