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e-Christmas Club? SunTrust opens new online savings platform

Atlanta-based SunTrust Bank is offering a new savings platform that allows customers to open multiple savings "buckets" tied to their required checking accounts. It stuck me as modern makeover of my mom's old Christmas Club accounts.

Thursday - 05/08/2014, 05:51pm EDT

Tags: savings, saving money, Suntrust Bank

Younger, poorer people less likely to use bank branches

If you haven't been to a bank or credit union branch recently, you are not alone.

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 08:59am EDT

Tags: banks, savings, Colleen Kelleher,

Tips and tricks for safe mobile banking

Do banking on your smartphone? There are a few things you need to know to keep safe.

Thursday - 10/31/2013, 04:38am EDT

Tags: Joan Jones, smartphones, mobile banking

Personal banking information could be up grabs

Credit and debit card purchases may not be as private as you think, according to a new report.

Monday - 07/08/2013, 07:53am EDT

Tags: banks, data mining, max smith

This week in D.C. tech: Nigel Morris, Vint Cerf

Some big names taking the podium/stage/backward-facing chair this week. Capital One co-founder Nigel Morris, also managing partner at QED Investors, gives a fireside chat at Startup Grind.

Monday - 05/13/2013, 09:40am EDT

Tags: Nigel Morris, Capital One

Banks: U.S. ATMs protected against cyber attacks

U.S. Consumers have grown increasingly reliant on debit and credit cards to get cash, pay for groceries and even buy a cup of coffee. So can the kind of computer assault that crashed ATM services in South Korea happen here?

Wednesday - 03/20/2013, 03:28pm EDT

Tags: cybersecurity, ATM, American Bankers Association

PayPal researching password alternatives

Well passwords could be a thing of the past as companies, like PayPal, develop new ways to verify consumers' identities.

Saturday - 03/02/2013, 02:27pm EST

Tags: passwords, internet security, online shopping

Some ATMs to offer $1 and $5 bills (VIDEO)

Dollar bills are coming to an ATM near you.

Wednesday - 01/23/2013, 04:18am EST

Tags: ATM, PNC, chase bank

U.S. bank failures this year by state, at a glance

Here are the 51 U.S. bank failures so far this year by state, including Maryland. Listed are the date each bank was closed, where it was based and its assets.

Friday - 12/28/2012, 02:53pm EST

Tags: bank failures

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