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Study: D.C. bag tax is working

The four-year-old tax on plastic bags in the nation's capital is reportedly leading to some dramatic changes in consumer behavior.

Wednesday - 01/08/2014, 01:50pm EST

Tags: Nick Iannelli, plastic

Montgomery Co. bag tax on track to bring in $2 million

Montgomery County's bag tax is set to bring in about $2 million to clean up local rivers.

Wednesday - 12/25/2013, 03:06am EST

Tags: Montgomery County, max smith


D.C. studies ban on styrofoam

Decades-old styrofoam continues to blight the Anacostia River and now the District is considering a ban on the ubiquitous foamy plastic.

Thursday - 11/07/2013, 04:21pm EST

Tags: styrofoam, trash, water pollution, Anacostia River, D.C. Council, Paula Wolfson, environment

Montgomery County bag tax stays - for now

There was an effort to change bag taxes in Montgomery County but, for now, it's on hold.

Wednesday - 11/06/2013, 02:42am EST

Tags: Montgomery County

Exemptions proposed to Montgomery County's bag tax

Nearly a year and a half after Montgomery County's 5-cent bag tax took effect, a public hearing was held Tuesday night to consider possible tweaks.

Wednesday - 06/19/2013, 04:44am EDT

Tags: Roger Berliner, Michelle Basch, Montgomery County, Chesapeake Bay

Montgomery to hold hearing on bag tax changes

Tuesday - 06/18/2013, 06:26am EDT

Tags: Montgomery County

Anacostia River: Ugly duckling or blossoming flower? (Video)

On a two-hour ride on the Anacostia River, Jim Foster with the Anacostia Watershed Society points out the beauty of the river and the challenges it continually faces.

Monday - 06/03/2013, 10:46am EDT

Tags: Troubled Waters, Anacostia River, Brennan Haselton, Anacostia Watershed Society, Jim Foster, water quality,


Montgomery County bag tax isn't changing habits

A five-cent tax on plastic bags isn't changing the behavior of Montgomery County shoppers as much as officials had hoped.

Friday - 02/01/2013, 05:37pm EST


5-cent bag tax possible in Virginia

Virginia lawmakers will consider the bag tax in the upcoming legislative session.

Thursday - 12/13/2012, 10:23am EST


Officials rejoice over low 5-cent bag fee revenue

Shreds of dirty plastic bags wedged between rocks and wrapped around tree trunks once littered the banks of the Anacostia River. But the environmental hazards and imposing eyesore have nearly disappeared since Washington, D.C implemented a disposable bag fee two years ago.

Thursday - 10/04/2012, 01:39pm EDT

Tags: Anacostia River, Montgomery County, Prince Georges County, Anacostia Watershed Society, District Department of the Environment, Stephanie Steinberg

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