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Hand dryers spread germs in bathrooms, scientists say

A bathroom device that is supposed to help you stay clean is actually spreading germs, according to research from British scientists.

Friday - 11/21/2014, 08:22am EST

Tags: University of Leeds, hand dryer, paper towels, jet dryer, Sarah Beth Hensley

Smooching transfers millions of bacteria

Scientists say they've found that a 10-second French kiss can transfer up to 80 million bacteria.

Monday - 11/17/2014, 08:51am EST

Tags: kissing,

Your grooming habits: Breeding ground for bacteria

You may think you're being clean when you go through your morning routine, but your grooming habits may be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 08:11am EST

Tags: grooming, toothbrush,

Dish towels are filthier than you realize

If you're somebody who doesn't frequently wash your dish towels, you may want to rethink your behavior.

Tuesday - 10/21/2014, 09:54am EDT

Tags: dish towel,

Bacteria on the plane: no joke

WTOP's Veronica Robinson reports

Sunday - 10/05/2014, 10:25am EDT

Tags: flu, airline travel


New research shows promise in preventing common superbug infections

The CDC calls the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria "one of our most serious health threats." But researchers may have a way to stop some hospital superbugs.

Thursday - 08/21/2014, 11:12am EDT

Tags: superbug, antibiotic resistance, Garry Laverty, Rachel Nania

How dirty is your money?

Would you intentionally handle something that has harmful germs and bacteria all over it? You do - every time you pull out a dollar bill from your wallet.

Sunday - 04/27/2014, 01:42am EDT

Tags: dirty money, NYU, Randi Martin


Five-second rule not just a myth

The "five-second rule" is more than an old wives' tale, according to a new study.

Saturday - 03/22/2014, 04:54pm EDT

Tags: food safety, five-second rule

Bacteria prompts advisories for 4 Norfolk beaches

Wednesday - 07/03/2013, 07:39am EDT

Tags: Norfolk, beach,

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