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Monday's asteroid flyby common, threat real

Earth narrowly missed a collision with an asteroid three times the size of FedEx Field. Although 2 million miles crossed between the fate of humankind and the mass of space rock, the threat from asteroids is real.

Tuesday - 02/18/2014, 12:16pm EST

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NASA offers Americans a ride to an asteroid by microchip

This week, NASA invited the public to take part in the journey to the asteroid Bennu.

Friday - 01/17/2014, 05:10pm EST

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Best space story for 2013: Russia's asteroid event

Greg Redfern picks the Chelyabinsk Airburst Event as his top space story of 2013.

Monday - 12/30/2013, 06:15am EST

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A doomsday space rock: Really?

One week ago, astronomers Gennady Borisov and Timur Kryachko discovered an asteroid (a space rock) using an 8-inch astrograph (a sophisticated telescope camera) at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory.

Saturday - 10/19/2013, 11:20pm EDT

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NASA plans to capture asteriod, crowdsource ideas

NASA is hosting a live forum Tuesday morning to share their plans to capture an asteroid, in addition to other asteroid-related topics.

Tuesday - 06/18/2013, 10:55am EDT

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Massive asteroid set for flyby of Earth

On Friday, the 1.7-mile-wide space rock 1998 QE2 will harmlessly fly by Earth at a distance of 3.6 million miles at 4:59 p.m. EDT.

Friday - 05/31/2013, 01:03pm EDT

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QE2 asteroid to fly by Earth from safe distance

An asteroid more than 1 miles long will zoom past Earth this week from a far-off distance.

Tuesday - 05/28/2013, 12:16pm EDT


Watch as asteroid passes over Earth

An asteroid is headed towards Earth -- and while astronomers say we're not in any danger, we won't have a good view from North America to see the asteroid pass over the planet.

Friday - 02/15/2013, 03:09pm EST


Asteroid striking Earth is 'like a bullet hitting a bullet'

Richard Berendzen, director of NASA's Space Grant Consortium for D.C., says there's no chance an asteroid could catch astronomers off guard.

Friday - 02/15/2013, 08:20am EST

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A close call of the astral kind, February 2013

An asteroid is headed this way next year, and it will be a close call by celestial standards, says Donald Yeomans from NASA'S Near-Earth Object Program.

Thursday - 03/08/2012, 12:02pm EST

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