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Privacy concerns drive 1 in 4 Facebook users to lie

One in four Facebook users admitted they don't tell the whole truth on their profiles. But their lies are not over relationships and status updates. Users say they're lying to protect their privacy.

Monday - 05/07/2012, 01:30pm EDT

Tags: Facebook, Consumer Reports, privacy, Consumer privacy, Google, Mark Zuckerberg

WTOP's Top 5 Morning Stories

Five stories to keep you informed and get you going.

Monday - 04/16/2012, 08:41am EDT

Tags: heat, Virginia Tech massacre, emancipation day, Tupac Shakur

StearClear takes you and your car home from bars

It's a conundrum people face every weekend, when they've had a little too much to drink. How do you get your car in the morning? One company, StearClear, thinks it's found the solution.

Sunday - 04/08/2012, 04:39pm EDT

Tags: StearClear, drunk driving, ride home, New Jersey, TechCrunch

Smartphones offer added healthy motivation

Most consumers have heard the phrase, "There's an app for that" in commercials. But in some cases the apps that offer healthy tips in a mobile form are really improving the health of their users.

Tuesday - 04/03/2012, 08:23am EDT

Tags: smart phone, Everyday Health, cell phone, meal planning, Windsor Johnston

Tired of being put on hold? There's an app for that

It happens to everyone and can eat up precious minutes -- even hours -- of a day: being put on hold on the phone for what seems like forever.

Wednesday - 02/22/2012, 05:36am EST

Tags: hold, lucyphone, smartmoney, FastCustomer, del walters

New app helps caffeine drinkers optimize their intake

A new app created by doctors helps those in need of caffeine optimize their intake to get the most energy -- without losing any sleep.

Tuesday - 02/21/2012, 07:48am EST

Tags: Del Waters, coffee, measure caffeine intake, sleep, Penn State University

New app helps kids complete their chores

A new website app may provide help with the age-old parenting battle of getting kids to do their chores and do them well.

Friday - 01/27/2012, 07:54am EST

Tags: chores, kids, darci marchese, getting kids to do housework,

'Avoid Ghetto' app: Racist or resourceful?

Microsoft is facing accusations of potential racism related to its patent for a new pedestrian-friendly map application.

Wednesday - 01/18/2012, 04:47am EST

Tags: Microsoft, Avoid Ghetto, thomas warren, GPS

Speak from beyond the grave with Facebook app

WTOP's Brennan Haselton reports

Thursday - 01/12/2012, 02:19pm EST

Tags: Brennan Haselton, Facebook, If I die


Secret-sharing iPhone app shut down for inappropriate content

PostSecret founder Frank Warren says his phenomenally successful iPhone confessional couldn't filter some of the uglier stuff out there.

Tuesday - 01/03/2012, 04:54am EST

Tags: PostSecret, germantown, Kate Ryan, iPhone,

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