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The more couples drink, the more likely they'll get divorced

The chances of growing old with your spouse may depend on how much you drink together, according to a new study.

Wednesday - 02/13/2013, 02:22pm EST

Tags: drinking, couples, relationships, study, Randi Martin

Alcohol in diet soda gets you drunker faster

Drinkers who mix their alcohol with diet soda become intoxicated faster with considerably higher breath alcohol content, according to researchers at North Kentucky University.

Wednesday - 02/06/2013, 09:43am EST

Tags: diet, drinking, Northern Kentucky University, Nick Iannelli

Drink like a man: what to avoid ordering

What you order at the bar can say a lot about you.

Monday - 01/07/2013, 08:14am EST

Tags: drinks,, david burd

College & Cook Recipe: White peach sangria

For a quick and easy New Year's drink, try white peach sangria.

Wednesday - 12/26/2012, 04:03pm EST

Tags: College and Cook, recipes, drinks, New Years

Binge drinking: Fine line between holiday cheer and a problem

The holiday season is a time of year where many overindulge. And as some get caught up in the celebration - how many drinks is considered binge drinking?

Monday - 12/24/2012, 06:15am EST

Tags: binge drinking, Kathy Stewart

Europe meets D.C.: Drinking and American sports

WTOP interns Christine Amdam, of Norway, and Alina Braun, of Germany, share their thoughts about American sports and our drinking laws.

Friday - 10/05/2012, 03:40pm EDT

Tags: Europe meets D.C., Redskins, American University

Should you let your child taste alcohol?

A substantial number of parents are giving their kids an occasional taste of alcohol, in the hope it will keep them from risky behavior as teens. But does that work?

Sunday - 09/23/2012, 12:42pm EDT

Tags: drinking,

Study: Most killed drivers have drugs or alcohol in system

A study found 57 percent of fatally injured drivers in the United States tested positive for drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident.

Thursday - 09/13/2012, 07:47am EDT

Tags: accident, drugs, drivers

Council chair unveils new plan to extend bar hours

D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown is proposing a new plan that would extend alcohol sales hours in bars on holidays and throughout some holiday weekends.

Thursday - 05/10/2012, 06:46am EDT

Tags: D.C., Vincent Gray, bars, tax

Study: Men are smarter after a few drinks

It has been said people look better after a few drinks, but are they smarter. According to a new study, men gain intellect after two drinks.

Wednesday - 04/11/2012, 06:56pm EDT

Tags: pint, Beer, University of Illinois

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