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How to avoid feeling blah the next time you fly

The stress of traveling for work or fun can take a lot out of you even before you arrive at your destination. But why do plane rides make some many passengers feel awful?

Monday - 11/03/2014, 01:55pm EST

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Small plane makes emergency landing in Fredericksburg

A small plane made an emergency landing shortly before 6 a.m. Monday, near the parking lot of a Wawa gas station in Fredericksburg, Va.

Monday - 08/12/2013, 01:01pm EDT

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US to seek more inspections of Boeing 737s

Federal safety officials said Monday they are ordering additional inspections of some Boeing 737 jets after a hole tore open in a Southwest Airlines plane during flight in 2009.

Tuesday - 01/01/2013, 09:55am EST

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Space Shuttle Discovery will land April 17 at Dulles

A modified 747 airplane will carry the Space Shuttle Discovery on its back Tuesday morning from Florida to Washington.

Saturday - 04/07/2012, 03:01pm EDT

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