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Study: Multitasking can actually hurt your brain

People who balance all their "irons in the fire" can put an average person to shame. But new research suggests that not only is multitasking bad, people can't actually do it.

Tuesday - 08/14/2012, 09:42am EDT

Tags: MSN, veronica robinson, multitask

How to prepare for medical emergencies while traveling

Becoming sick or injured while on vacation can become expensive for those who need medical attention, but there are ways travelers can prepare.

Tuesday - 07/17/2012, 07:57am EDT

Tags: insurance, travel, veronica robinson, medical emergencies

IQ testing shows women smarter than men

For the first time since IQ testing began, women are scoring higher than their male counterparts.

Monday - 07/16/2012, 06:21am EDT

Tags: The Daily Mail, veronica robinson, iq test

Matchmaking services for commuters gaining speed

Carpooling is on the rise, and social media and apps have a lot to do with that increase.

Tuesday - 07/10/2012, 07:05am EDT

Tags: veronica robinson, New York Times, ride share

12 fruits and veggies high in pesticide contamination

Since we were children, we've been reminded about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. So, if you've been doing just that, give yourself a pay on the back.

Monday - 06/25/2012, 07:45am EDT

Tags: veronica robinson, eating, fruits, vegetables, Environmental Working Group

Frozen yogurt can be no healthier than ice cream

When the weather heats up, many opt for frozen yogurt instead of ice cream in an effort to eat healthier.

Wednesday - 06/20/2012, 07:23am EDT

Tags: veronica robinson, frozen yogurt

App brings spontaneity back to traveling

A new smartphone app lets last-minute travelers book a hotel with the swipe of a finger.

Wednesday - 06/06/2012, 04:13am EDT

Tags: veronica robinson, apps, travel, iphone, vacation

New kind of destination wedding: Where there's a 'Net connection

It's a destination wedding of a different kind. Instead of traveling to an exotic locale to see the nuptials, attendees can view the ceremony online -- a destination available almost anywhere.

Tuesday - 06/05/2012, 08:02am EDT

Tags: veronica robinson, destination wedding, live stream, wedding

Movers, or magicians? Hiring movers can be a good value

This is the peak time of year to move, so the likelihood you'll be scammed by movers is high. But there are ways to avoid it.

Saturday - 05/26/2012, 09:18am EDT

Tags: veronica robinson, Linda Bauer Darr, American Moving and Storage Association

Take a stand against ticks and Lyme Disease

This spring and summer could bring a lot more cases of Lyme disease, a disease ecologist says.

Wednesday - 05/16/2012, 08:06am EDT

Tags: veronica robinson, ticks, lyme disease

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