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George Takei on driving, equality and Japanese internment camps

If the past is prologue, then the utopian coexistence of beings from different parts of the universe in the original "Star Trek" series is what humans should be striving to achieve in the present, said actor George Takei while speaking in D.C. over the weekend.

Monday - 05/19/2014, 06:11am EDT

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George Takei takes tech, social media to SXSW

To one generation George Takei was best-known for his role as Sulu on Star Trek. Today, Takei is widening his appeal from the young to the not-quite-as-young generations.

Thursday - 03/13/2014, 04:29am EDT

Tags: George Takei, star trek, AARP, sxsw

Time to 'kirk out' again with 'Star Trek: Into Darkness'

WTOP Film Critic Jason Fraley reviews "Star Trek: Into Darkness."

Thursday - 05/16/2013, 04:56am EDT

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New spacecraft wants to use 'Star Trek' tech

If astronauts ever make the trip to Mars, it will take nearly a year to get there. But a new engine is under development to speed up space travel.

Sunday - 10/07/2012, 07:00am EDT

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'Star Trek: The Next Generation' beams into this generation

The debate has raged for years and is best summed up by a line in the "Weird Al" Yankovic parody "White and Nerdy."

Thursday - 06/07/2012, 04:11am EDT

Tags: nathan hager, star trek

Star Trek technology may be the next frontier (VIDEO)

In "Star Trek," a futuristic device called a tricoder was used to scan new and unfamiliar planets. Now, a similar device may soon be available on earth.

Wednesday - 04/11/2012, 04:17am EDT

Tags: star trek, x-ray, video, darci marchese, UCLA

Everyday items bring fantasy to life in iconic movies

In the age of super technology and mind-blowing special effects, some of the most iconic sounds of the last half century came from items that could be found in a dumpster.

Tuesday - 01/17/2012, 04:08pm EST

Tags: thomas warren, jurassic park, Star Wars, star trek