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Poll: One in 4 head to work even when sick

Colds and flu often spread like wildfire in the workplace, and one big reason is that too many people who are sick just won't stay home.

Sunday - 02/23/2014, 11:17pm EST

Tags: paula wolfson, colds, flu, sick days

Former child of war getting a chance to make a dream come true

He was one of the lost boys of Sudan. But years later, Joseph Rufino has found his way, and his lifelong dream of becoming a doctor is finally coming true.

Sunday - 02/23/2014, 06:35pm EST

Tags: South Sudan, Grenada, medical school, paula wolfson

Study suggests alcohol may affect men trying to conceive

It's well known know how important it is for pregnant women to stop drinking, but now there are signs it may be a good idea for would-be dads to quit drinking, too.

Friday - 02/21/2014, 05:21am EST

Tags: paula wolfson, pregnancy, alcohol, fetal alcohol syndrome, Men, FAS

Too many supplements could inhibit workout success

When it comes to vitamins, it's possible to get too much of a good thing.

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 05:15am EST

Tags: exercise, supplements, vitamins, paula wolfson

Vitamin C may help prevent stroke

That morning glass of orange juice may just be a powerful weapon to prevent stroke.

Monday - 02/17/2014, 09:09am EST

Tags: vitamin c, Stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, American Academy of Neurology, Pontchaillou University Hospital, paula wolfson


Bullying can damage children for years

Bullying can affect the body and soul of a child, and the damage can last for years.

Monday - 02/17/2014, 06:21am EST

Tags: paula wolfson, bullying, pediatrics

Local hospitals prepare for during, after snow storm

There is an old saying: "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Thursday - 02/13/2014, 05:20pm EST

Tags: paula wolfson, emergency, snow

Oregano: A weapon against the norovirus?

Oregano could be a powerful weapon against the nasty norovirus.

Wednesday - 02/12/2014, 05:49am EST

Tags: paula wolfson, oregano, virus, Norovirus

Survey: Teens are just as stressed as adults

In the annual Stress in America report, the American Psychological Association finds that teens are just as stressed as adults.

Tuesday - 02/11/2014, 06:03pm EST

Tags: American Psychological Association, stress, teen, parenting, paula wolfson

What to do when a heart attack strikes

If you're having a heart attack, or even think you are, don't mess around.

Monday - 02/10/2014, 05:46am EST

Tags: paula wolfson, heart attack, Dr. Joel Buzy, emergency room, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital

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