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Ernest Borgnine: (almost) reality show star

Ernest Borgnine could have been one of the first reality television stars, if producers shared the vision of a celebrated independent filmmaker.

Monday - 07/09/2012, 04:39pm EDT

Tags: Jeff Krulik, Ernest Borgnine,


How to improve your smartphone self-portraits

WTOP offers some tips for improving your cellphone self-portraits and is soliciting your selfie.

Friday - 06/29/2012, 10:12am EDT

Tags: self portrait,

How clean is beachwater where you vacation?

Two Delmarva beaches are ranked as five-star beaches. And, if you vacation in Delaware or North Carolina, there's some good news for you.

Wednesday - 06/27/2012, 07:17am EDT

Tags: beach, Ocean City, Dewey Beach, Colleen Kelleher

Choosing the perfect air guitar song

An air guitar champion gives advice on how to choose the perfect song to perform.

Friday - 06/22/2012, 07:39am EDT

Tags: air guitar, Lance Kasten

Devo, Blondie to 'Whip It To Shreds' on new tour

Two pioneering new wave bands - one edgily straight-ahead and sexy, the other uber-geeky and eccentric - are heading out on a U.S. tour that demonstrates the range of the punk movement in the 1970s and 80s.

Monday - 06/18/2012, 01:23pm EDT

Tags: Blondie, Devo, Cerphe, WHFS,

Cost of raising a child adds up

A middle-income family can expect to pay $234,000 to raise a kid born last year to the age of 18, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Friday - 06/15/2012, 07:03am EDT

Tags: usda, cost of children

Sing your favorite shower song, and other karaoke advice (VIDEO)

To succeed at karaoke, know your audience. That's the advice of one amateur microphone master.

Thursday - 06/14/2012, 07:21am EDT

Tags: New York Daily News, Tony Bacigalupo, karaoke,

Judge denies competency review for suspected 'East Coast Rapist'

Despite bizarre courtroom outbursts by Aaron Thomas, a judge has ruled she will not order a new mental competency evaluation for the suspected "East Coast Rapist."

Friday - 06/08/2012, 10:55am EDT

Tags: Aaron Thomas, East Coast Rapist, Paul Ebert,

Tysons plan means affordable housing for high earners

The goal is to make Tysons Corner a liveable, walkable community. But it looks like Fairfax County is planning on helping some pretty well-off people move there.

Wednesday - 06/06/2012, 06:57am EDT

Tags: Tysons Corner, Fairfax County, The Washington Times, Pat Herrity

Survey: 1 in 5 pees in the pool

"No matter how easy it is to pee anonymously in the pool, swimmers should avoid doing so," says Dr. Chris Wiant, the chairman of the Water Quality & Health Council, a scientific research group sponsored by the American Chemistry Council.

Tuesday - 06/05/2012, 12:39pm EDT

Tags: peeing in pool, swimming pool

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