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Column: A hard day's night with the Beatles

When the city editor told Mike Causey he was going to cover the first Beatles concert in D.C., he was flattered and very surprised, not to mention a little nervous, too.

Tuesday - 02/11/2014, 03:19pm EST

Tags: Beatles, washington coliseum

Feds face threat of unpaid leave, but it's not like 17 years ago

With no deal yet to stop automatic, federal budget cuts, the threat of unpaid leave looms for federal workers.

Friday - 03/01/2013, 12:45pm EST

Tags: sequestration


Mike's Take: That's all she wrote

I have decided - after years of research, study, trial and error (mostly error) - to go out with a bang and answer the oldest question.

Wednesday - 05/30/2012, 09:07am EDT

Tags: Federal News Radio, Mike

Mike's Take: And the hits just keep on coming

May 17, 2012 will live as a day of infamy for Washington area baseball fans.

Wednesday - 05/23/2012, 08:43pm EDT

Tags: Washington Nationals

Mike's Take: Brushing all the way to the bank

How do you plan to survive the coming troubles? What if the poles switched tomorrow and you found your Annandale home somewhere in the Tasmania zip code?

Tuesday - 04/24/2012, 07:59pm EDT

Tags: Khari Matthew Troutman

Mike's Take: Hair of the dog

When it comes to hair, men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

Wednesday - 04/18/2012, 08:29am EDT


Mike's Take: No hablo espanol

In prepping for an upcoming trip to Mexico City, it hit me that I don't speak Spanish. Despite an estimated 30 years of downtime in my life, I had -- New Year's resolutions notwithstanding -- not learned that language. Or any other.

Wednesday - 03/28/2012, 03:34am EDT