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Driver in fatal hit-and-run charged with killing 71-year-old woman

A woman is dead and the hit-and-run driver who D.C. Police say is responsible is under arrest.

Friday - 03/22/2013, 01:24pm EDT

Tags: michelle basch, D.C. police

Obama gives Md.-made gifts to Netanyahu

Four works made by Montgomery County-based sculptor Zachary Oxman were presented to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his family.

Thursday - 03/21/2013, 07:14am EDT

Tags: michelle basch, Zachary Oxman, Bethesda

Peregrine Espresso named best coffee shop in eastern U.S.

A small chain of coffee shops in the District just pulled off something big.

Friday - 03/15/2013, 06:30am EDT

Tags: michelle basch, coffee, peregrine coffee, America

Dog safety top priority as Subaru teams with D.C.-based nonprofit (VIDEO)

For those who like to drive with man's best friend, efforts are underway to improve safety for both people and pets while on the road.

Wednesday - 03/13/2013, 05:00am EDT

Tags: michelle basch, Center for Pet Safety, Subaru, pets, dogs, dog harness

Daylight Saving Time leads to Metro overcharge

Some Metro riders were charged too much for their Monday morning ride, and the reason has to do with the start of Daylight Saving Time.

Monday - 03/11/2013, 10:53pm EDT

Tags: Metro, michelle basch, overcharge, fare

Deer Dilemma Part 5: Car crashes and feeding the hungry

Car accidents and what's done with deer meat are topics related to the proposed Rock Creek Park deer hunt.

Wednesday - 03/06/2013, 01:14pm EST

Tags: michelle basch, Rock Creek Park, deer dilemma, deer hunt


Deer Dilemma Part 4: The contraception question

The National Park Service considered the possibility of using contraception to control the deer population in Rock Creek Park, but decided it was not the best choice right now.

Tuesday - 03/05/2013, 12:01pm EST

Tags: deer dilemma, michelle basch, Rock Creek Park, deer hunt


Deer Dilemma Part 3: 'It's not a Walt Disney movie'

The National Park Service says its plan to hunt deer in Rock Creek Park to reduce their population will be done as humanely as possible.

Tuesday - 03/05/2013, 06:20am EST

Tags: michelle basch, deer dilemma, Rock Creek Park, deer kill, National Park Service


Deer Dilemma Part 2: Living near Rock Creek Park

Some view the deer in Rock Creek Park as a nuisance. But others see them as friends.

Monday - 03/04/2013, 08:53pm EST

Tags: michelle basch, Deer, Rock Creek Park


Deer Dilemma Part 1: A Rock Creek Park hunt on hold

WTOP takes an in-depth look at the deer problem near Rock Creek Park. A federal lawsuit is holding up what would be the park's first deer hunt since its founding in 1890.

Monday - 03/04/2013, 06:11am EST

Tags: michelle basch, Deer, Rock Creek Park, deer hunt

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