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'Fiscal cliff' could hurt local economy, education

Without a deal to avoid the "fiscal cliff," local leaders expect the D.C. area to take a major financial hit.

Friday - 12/28/2012, 10:53am EST

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Some speed limits go up in District

Mayor Vincent Gray has ordered an emergency rulemaking to permit the District Department of Transportation to raise the speed limit on four additional roadways in the District of Columbia. The increases will take effect as early as 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 18, and apply to parts of New York Avenue, Bladensburg Road, North Capitol Street and Canal Road.

Tuesday - 12/18/2012, 12:25am EST

Tags: District Department of Transportation

Drivers unimpressed by D.C.'s public transportation goals

D.C.'s mayor wants to see public transportation, bicycles or by walking account for 75 percent of trips taken in the city by 2032.

Thursday - 12/06/2012, 06:33am EST

Tags: public transportation, parking, michelle basch, walkable communities

D.C. to reduce speed camera fines

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray says some fines from traveling over the speed limit will be reduced on Monday. Fines for driving 11 to 15 mph over the speed limit will drop from $125 to $100, while fines for drivers traveling 1 to 10 mph over the speed limit will drop from $75 to $50.

Friday - 11/02/2012, 04:15pm EDT

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Mayor Gray heads to DNC on his own time and dime

When D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray takes off for the Democratic National Convention on Monday he'll be going as Citizen Gray rather than Mayor Gray.

Thursday - 08/30/2012, 03:06pm EDT

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D.C. workers to be repaid for furlough days

District of Columbia government employees who were forced to take furlough days last year will be getting some extra money in their paychecks.

Tuesday - 08/21/2012, 06:00am EDT

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Man at center of D.C. mayor probe leaves firm

The District of Columbia businessman suspected of funding a "shadow campaign" for Mayor Vincent Gray has left the accounting firm he founded.

Thursday - 07/12/2012, 01:26pm EDT

Tags: Jeffrey Thompson, Thompson, Cobb, Bazilio and Associates

Bill proposed to bury D.C.'s power lines

Councilmember Jack Evans, Ward 2, took up the cause by introducing a bill that considers burying all power lines within the District.

Tuesday - 07/10/2012, 03:49pm EDT

Tags: Jack Evans, District of Columbia

Better and more expensive taxi rides coming to D.C.

Taking a taxi in the Nation's capital is about to get more expensive, but it will also be safer and more convenient.

Thursday - 07/05/2012, 05:51pm EDT

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