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Lost phones prone to identity theft, finders poke around

Before they made it back to their owners, 43 percent of the finders clicked on apps labeled online banking.

Friday - 03/09/2012, 04:20am EST

Tags: Symantec, lost cell phone, cell phone,

Low-key Virginia primary buried in Super Tuesday

Virginia is a key state in national elections, a must-win state come November. But Virginia's Republican primary on Tuesday could be an afterthought for many people.

Monday - 03/05/2012, 07:49am EST

Tags: elections, Virginia primary,

Non-smartphone users soon in the minority

For the first time ever, more people own phones with apps and Internet access than other types of cellphones.

Friday - 03/02/2012, 08:41am EST

Tags: smartphone, pew research center, Pew study, cellphone,

Fighting an intestinal virus starts at home

A nasty intestinal virus that has been going around can be prevented. All that's needed is soap and water and some elbow grease.

Tuesday - 02/28/2012, 05:50am EST

Tags: Norovirus, Peter Troell, stomach flu, gastrointestinal virus

Feline candidate enters Virginia race for U.S. Senate (VIDEO)

There's a new candidate running in Virginia, and to say he's finicky about his politics is an understatement.

Monday - 02/27/2012, 09:08am EST

Tags: Springfield, Senate race, hank the cat,

Gas prices still climbing; Virginia hit hard

The latest WTOP Pain in the Gas survey shows the average price of a gallon of regular went up 3 cents to $3.70 over the past week, and up 48 cents over one year ago. Tweet where the best gas prices are. Use #WTOPgas.

Thursday - 02/23/2012, 07:19am EST

Tags: pain in the gas, gas prices, AAA Mid-Atlantic, john townsend


Dulles Rail project may be in jeopardy, again

Ideology regarding labor unions could once again disrupt the fragile financing plan for one of the region's biggest transportation projects, the second phase of the Metrorail extension to Dulles International Airport.

Wednesday - 02/22/2012, 08:08am EST

Tags: Dulles rail project, labor union, Virginia General Assembly, Tim Hugo,

Gas tax hike back in debate in Virginia

The version approved by the Virginia Senate Finance Committee would index the gas tax with inflation, meaning it would go up slowly, tied to the inflation rate, above the current 17-cent tax.

Tuesday - 02/21/2012, 08:50am EST

Tags: gas tax, Bob Brink, Virginia, Thomas "Tag" Greason,

Va. Senate to debate 'personhood' bill this week

Heated disagreement is expected this week as the Virginia State Senate debates HB 1, which would define a person as beginning at conception.

Monday - 02/20/2012, 04:32am EST

Tags: personhood bill, abortion, Barbara Favola, Dick Black

Mortgage settlement with banks sparks new scam

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said the calls and emails about scams began very soon after the settlement was announced. The scammers try and convince consumers that, for a fee, they can get some of that money announced in the settlement with major banks.

Friday - 02/17/2012, 05:25am EST

Tags: Mortgage settlement, Scam, Ken Cuccinelli,

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