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WTOP Answer Desk: E-ZPass options

With Virginia's new Beltway Express Lanes due to open a week from Saturday, WTOP answers your questions about using E-ZPass.

Thursday - 11/08/2012, 09:59am EST

Tags: E-ZPass, Beltway Express Lanes, WTOP Answer Desk, traffic


Could this election be a repeat of 2000?

It happened in 2000, and only three times in history before that, but this year it could happen again.

Tuesday - 11/06/2012, 01:49pm EST

Tags: presidential election, electoral college

Almost 1 million voters cast early ballots in D.C. region

Almost 1 million people in the region have already voted for president and it could be an indication of heavy turnout on Election day.

Monday - 11/05/2012, 04:18am EST

Tags: elections, early voting, Steven Farnsworth

Court decision gives Dominion customers an electric bill break

A decision by Virginia's Supreme Court could strengthen the state's newly imposed regulations on electric rates.

Friday - 11/02/2012, 07:12am EDT

Tags: Ken Cuccinelli, Dominion Power, State Corporation Commission

Police arrest suspect in Stafford pipe bombings

The man wanted for three pipe bombings in Stafford County has been arrested in Montana, police say.

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 02:39pm EDT

Tags: Laurence Stewart, pipe bomb, stafford county,

Express Lanes to open in time for Thanksgiving travel

Thanksgiving travel could be a little faster this year as 14 miles of Express Lanes in Virginia are scheduled to open Nov. 17.

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 01:54pm EDT

Tags: vdot, I-495 Express Lanes, Jennifer Aument,

Virginia Elections: State more than just a presidential battleground

Virginia could play a key role Tuesday in deciding who becomes the next president of the United States, along with which party controls the U.S. Senate. Voters also will decide on important ballot questions and local races.

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 12:45pm EDT

Tags: Virginia elections

Evacuations ordered in flood-prone Fairfax neighborhood

Fairfax County has ordered Fenwick Drive and Arlington Terrace in the Huntington area to evacuate immediately.

Monday - 10/29/2012, 10:29pm EDT

Tags: Huntington, flooding, Sandy,


Utilities, Metro prepping for possible mega-storm

While Hurricane Sandy's track isn't clear at this point, the electric companies and Metro are preparing for what could be a rough few days.

Friday - 10/26/2012, 01:33pm EDT

Tags: weather, Sandy, storm preparation, Hurricane Sandy

Lessons learned, Metro prepares for Inauguration Day

Metro General Manager Richard Sarles says the transit agency will use lessons learned four years ago to prevent long lines at the stations and parking lots.

Friday - 10/26/2012, 04:38am EDT

Tags: inauguration, Metro, WMATA

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