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Va. leaders: Congress must act to avoid coming cuts

Automatic cuts of $1.2 trillion set for January unless Congress acts could mean the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs in the region.

Wednesday - 09/19/2012, 06:59am EDT

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Area leaders: Congress must act to prevent job losses

Local leaders are crossing party lines trying to get Congress to escape a trap it set for itself -- automatic spending cuts that could mean the loss of more than 2 million jobs nationally.

Tuesday - 07/31/2012, 06:17am EDT

Tags: Bob McDonnell, pentagon, budget cuts

Voters not tuned in to Virginia primary

George Allen is running for the GOP Nomination for U.S. Senate. He faces three challengers including Jamie Radtke, Bob Marshall and E.W. Jackson. But most people people think Allen is already the GOP nominee and will face Democrat Tim Kaine in November.

Monday - 06/04/2012, 09:03am EDT

Tags: Hank Silverberg, Virginia primary, Mark Warner

Study: Congress don't speak as good as they used to could

Members of the 112th Congress speak at a full grade level lower than they did a decade ago, according to a recent study from the Sunlight Foundation. The analysis uses the Flesch- Kincaid test, which measures the length of sentences and the complexity of words in a given text, in this case the speeches in the Congressional Record.

Friday - 06/01/2012, 11:33am EDT

Tags: Roscoe Bartlett, Sunlight foundation, paul shinkman

Va. lawmakers want Washington's holiday on Feb. 22

Legislation sponsored by three Virginia congressmen would restore Feb. 22 as the permanent federal holiday to recognize the birthday of Founding Father George Washington.

Wednesday - 02/29/2012, 11:08am EST

Tags: George Washington., Law Enforcement Memorial, Frank Wolf, Jim Moran, Mark Warner

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