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Queen Elizabeth's Guard does Westeros

Real-life Queen's Guard plays GOT theme song.

Sunday - 07/20/2014, 04:38am EDT

Tags: game of thrones

How to block spoilers on Facebook and Twitter

Don't you hate spoilers? There's a simple way to make sure they don't show up on your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Monday - 06/09/2014, 04:43am EDT

Tags: google chrome, Spoiler Shield, game of thrones, Mad Men, spoilers, Neal Augenstein

'Game of Thrones' strongman could have played for NFL

"Game of Thrones" fans know him as Glegor "The Mountain" Glegane, a towering, killing machine that does the king's bidding no matter how gruesome or violent.

Tuesday - 05/20/2014, 11:21am EDT

Tags: colts, game of thrones, the mountain, jim irsay, Hafthor Bjornsson

Game of Thrones spawns baby names

It's not the first time that a television show or movie has spawned baby name trends, but the speed at which parents have taken to HBO's Game of Thrones and passed on their favorite characters' names, has been notable.

Saturday - 04/12/2014, 02:46am EDT

Tags: game of thrones, baby names

Twitter explodes with 'Game of Thrones' fans' excitement, grievances

Fans of the bloody show took to social media to voice their excitement -- and frustrations.

Monday - 04/07/2014, 04:39pm EDT

Tags: game of thrones, michael stern

Facebook to livestream 'Game of Thrones' red carpet

HBO recently broke the Internet when millions of viewers crashed HBO Go during the "True Detective" season finale last Sunday.

Thursday - 03/13/2014, 03:48pm EDT

Tags: hbo, facebook, game of thrones

'Game of Thrones' releases 14-minute teaser (Video)

"Game of Thrones" fans won't have to wait until the April premiere of the HBO hit fantasy show.

Tuesday - 02/11/2014, 03:20pm EST

Tags: game of thrones, hbo

'Game of Thrones' author reveals his vision of 'iron throne' (Video)

George R.R. Martin reveals his ideal image for the Iron Throne from his book series "A Song of Ice and Fire." Turns out, the one in HBO's "Game of Thrones" doesn't cut it.

Thursday - 07/11/2013, 09:45am EDT

Tags: game of thrones, George R.R. Martin

Can you speak Dothraki? Creating a fictional language for 'Game of Thrones'

When HBO's "Game of Thrones" producers put out a casting call for the creation of a fake language, David J. Preston rose to the challenge.

Sunday - 06/16/2013, 07:29am EDT

Tags: dothraki, game of thrones, khaleesi, Randi Martin

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