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Tired of being put on hold? There's an app for that

It happens to everyone and can eat up precious minutes -- even hours -- of a day: being put on hold on the phone for what seems like forever.

Wednesday - 02/22/2012, 05:36am EST

Tags: hold, app, lucyphone, smartmoney, FastCustomer, del walters

With this app, it'll cost you to skip the gym

A new app is designed to make you go to the gym by making it hurt financially if you don't.

Monday - 01/02/2012, 03:44am EST

Tags: del walters, gym, app, gym pact, iphone, GPS

Techie tweaks: How to turn old gadgets into new

For those unable to keep up with the ever-changing waves of technology, there's still some hope for the unused gadgets cluttering your house.

Wednesday - 12/21/2011, 08:04am EST

Tags: Lifehacker, technology, del walters

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