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What do people dread the most about the holidays?

Consumer Reports surveyed 1,100 adults. See if what they dislike about the holidays is what you dislike.

Wednesday - 12/19/2012, 06:30am EST

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What to do when your car breaks down

Even the most diligent car owners and drivers are at risk of wrecks or breakdowns. Here's some advice about mechanical issues that shouldn't be ignored, and about what drivers should do after deciding to pull over.

Monday - 11/12/2012, 02:15pm EST

Tags: ShopSmart Magazine, car breakdown

Americans spending more on prescription drugs

Americans are spending more on prescription drugs, despite the increasing availability of generics.

Monday - 09/10/2012, 05:00am EDT

Tags: Paula Wolfson, prescriptions, health care, IMS Health,

Pet owners are doting on their furry companions

Most pet owners believe their companion is smart and would pay nearly $2,000 to save his or her life, a Consumer Reports survey shows.

Monday - 09/03/2012, 05:40am EDT

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How to safely buy drugs online

There are good deals to be had online on everything from clothes, to books, to electronics. But when it comes to prescription drugs, it is definitely a case of buyer beware.

Sunday - 08/19/2012, 01:19pm EDT

Tags: prescription drugs, online pharmacy,

Before slathering sunscreen, know how to use it safely

The Memorial Day weekend is supposed to be sunny and warm, which will have many digging out their sunscreen from last year. Knowing how to use it correctly is important to avoid a nasty burn.

Saturday - 05/26/2012, 09:44am EDT

Tags: spf, sunscreen, Dr. Lawrence Green, Shade Grove Adventist Hospital, UVB rays, Mayo Clinic, sunblock

Emergency calls from cell phones

Increasingly, consumers are dropping landlines and relying on cell phones for all calls. Is this a mistake?

Thursday - 05/10/2012, 06:00am EDT

Tags: Call for Action, Shirley Rooker

Privacy concerns drive 1 in 4 Facebook users to lie

One in four Facebook users admitted they don't tell the whole truth on their profiles. But their lies are not over relationships and status updates. Users say they're lying to protect their privacy.

Monday - 05/07/2012, 01:30pm EDT

Tags: facebook, privacy, Consumer privacy, Google, app, Mark Zuckerberg

Spring cleaning: Refrigerator edition

It won't be long before barbecue season is in full-swing, and now is the time for the refrigerator to get a spring cleaning.

Wednesday - 04/25/2012, 06:12am EDT

Tags: Brennan Haselton, barbecue, condiments,

Will you really get a rebate?

Consumers complain about rebate requests that are denied or returned as undeliverable. And now there are other reasons to be concerned.

Tuesday - 04/17/2012, 06:00am EDT

Tags: Call for Action, Shirley Rooker, rebates

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