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A popular insurance scam

Here's one fraudulent way to get rid of a car you no longer want.

Monday - 02/13/2012, 07:23am EST

Tags: Shirley Rooker, insurance fraud, Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

A sport or a scam?

Spear phishing isn't a way of catching fish. It's a way of catching unwary consumers.

Friday - 02/10/2012, 05:43pm EST

Tags: Shirley Rooker, Scam

Stolen checks

You order checks from your bank but they never arrive. You think they were lost in the mail and order another set. Then you discover that your checking account balance is zero.

Thursday - 02/09/2012, 12:04pm EST

Tags: Shirley Rooker,

Who pays for the glasses?

A WTOP listener went to an eye doctor because of vision problems. During the course of treatment, her current glasses were examined by a member of the staff and badly scratched.

Wednesday - 02/08/2012, 12:28pm EST

Tags: Shirley Rooker,

Don't walk your fingers this way

If you're a business owner and receive an invoice that states there's a debt collection pending against you if you don't pay up immediately, what should you do?

Tuesday - 02/07/2012, 06:49am EST

Tags: Shirley Rooker, Yellow Pages, walking fingers

A hotel email scam

A article warns readers about a new email message that pretends to be from a hotel.

Monday - 02/06/2012, 06:39am EST

Tags: Shirley Rooker, Trojan horse

Hearing aids and cellphones

If you wear a hearing aid and find it difficult to use a cellphone, we have some information that may help.

Friday - 02/03/2012, 06:39am EST

Tags: Shirley Rooker, cellphone, hearing aids

Is it really an inheritance?

I was a little suspicious because I don't know of any family member who has recently died and left me money.

Friday - 01/27/2012, 12:01am EST

Tags: Shirley Rooker,

Be wary when posting a job

If your business posts an employment opportunity online, watch out -- you may be targeted by crooks.

Thursday - 01/26/2012, 12:01am EST

Tags: Shirley Rooker, Internet Crime Complaint Center, malware, FBI

Crooks using technology to rip you off

Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) are being used to defraud businesses and consumers, reports the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Wednesday - 01/25/2012, 12:01am EST

Tags: Shirley Rooker, Internet Crime Complaint Center, Telecommunications Relay Services

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