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'Bye 'bye lullaby: Parents sub classics with pop tunes

Forget singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to lull babies to sleep. Modern folks are now crooning Guns and Roses' "Sweet Child O'Mine" to their little ones.

Sunday - 11/17/2013, 07:09am EST

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Adele's 'Skyfall' Bond theme song released (VIDEO)

You knew she'd recorded it, and now you can hear it. And buy it.

Friday - 10/05/2012, 12:41pm EDT

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Why we love songs that make us cry

Everybody loves a song that's a reminder of a bittersweet reality. What are your favorite sad songs?

Thursday - 08/16/2012, 11:06am EDT

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Girl in coma revived after hearing Adele song (VIDEO)

Adele might have found her biggest fans.

Thursday - 06/21/2012, 12:41pm EDT

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Toddler belts out an Adele hit (VIDEO)

Watch out Adele, there's "Someone Like You" and she's only 2 years old.

Tuesday - 03/20/2012, 11:37am EDT

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WTOP's Top 5 morning stories

Five stories to keep you informed and get you going.

Monday - 03/19/2012, 08:46am EDT

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Footage gives glimpse of teenage Adele (VIDEO)

New evidence shows a certain British songstress was rolling deep in talent even at the age of 16.

Monday - 03/19/2012, 07:39am EDT

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The man behind Adele's hit song revealed

Superstar singer Adele has kept mum about the man who inspired her hit song "Rolling in the Deep," -- so leave it to the New York Post to get to the bottom of it.

Thursday - 02/16/2012, 05:26am EST

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