Mike Causey

Mike has spent the majority of his life inside the beltway and has an interesting and humorous perspective that he will share every Wednesday. Mike has spent his career covering the federal government for the Washington Post and now for Federal News Radio.

Mike also writes a daily column for Federal News Radio

Mike's Take: That's all she wrote

I have decided - after years of research, study, trial and error (mostly error) - to go out with a bang and answer the oldest question.

Wednesday - 05/30/2012, 09:07am EDT

Mike's Take: And the hits just keep on coming

May 17, 2012 will live as a day of infamy for Washington area baseball fans.

Wednesday - 05/23/2012, 08:43pm EDT

Mike's Take: Sex, crying and a 'friend' I know

It turns out, the average American man spends a total of two months having sex in his lifetime. And about two and a half months crying. Could there possibly be a connection?

Wednesday - 05/09/2012, 12:13pm EDT

Has the 'retirement tsunami' begun?

Mike Causey, Federal News Radio

Wednesday - 05/02/2012, 03:19pm EDT


Mike's Take: Hobnobbing with D.C.'s elite

The good news/bad news about living and working in the nation's capital is that friends from out-of-town and neighbors see you as part of the Beltway crowd.

Wednesday - 05/02/2012, 02:22pm EDT

Mike's Take: Brushing all the way to the bank

How do you plan to survive the coming troubles? What if the poles switched tomorrow and you found your Annandale home somewhere in the Tasmania zip code?

Tuesday - 04/24/2012, 07:59pm EDT

Mike's Take: Hair of the dog

When it comes to hair, men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

Wednesday - 04/18/2012, 08:29am EDT

Mike's Take: No hablo espaņol

In prepping for an upcoming trip to Mexico City, it hit me that I don't speak Spanish. Despite an estimated 30 years of downtime in my life, I had -- New Year's resolutions notwithstanding -- not learned that language. Or any other.

Wednesday - 03/28/2012, 03:34am EDT

Mike's Take: When it rains, it pours

Long commutes, traffic jams and bottlenecks are part of life in the big city, but when it comes to obstacles, the nation's capital has to be the leader of the pack.

Thursday - 03/22/2012, 05:20am EDT

Mike's Take: The sanctity of Facebook

Divorce is tough regardless of your age or the age you live in, but never more so than in the 21st Century ... when we became a Facebook Nation.

Tuesday - 03/13/2012, 09:25pm EDT

Mike's Take: What 'special' delivery really means

In a previous newspaper life, I shared an office in a room for "special" reporters, editors and columnists.

Tuesday - 03/06/2012, 09:50pm EST

Mike's Take: The strange underbelly of a health food store

The health food store is the kind of place where people talk about their favorite natural deodorant or the best way to brush cats teeth with pure, non-abrasive products.

Wednesday - 02/29/2012, 12:21am EST

Mike's Take: Never to be heard from again

Most of us have heard, and many have used, "the dog ate my homework" line with various degrees of success.

Tuesday - 02/21/2012, 07:00pm EST

Mike's Take: My 15 minutes of shame

In less time than some TV commercials seem to last, I morphed from a blissfully happy camper into an embittered, self-pitying oaf.

Tuesday - 02/14/2012, 10:40pm EST

Mike's Take: A real sticky situation

How I got glued into my pants last Friday really isn't important. In fact, too much detail would confuse a pretty simple situation.

Tuesday - 02/07/2012, 07:23pm EST

Mike's Take: A new code to live (and dress) by

There are many things that greet and charm D.C. visitors: A low skyline, the blend of architecture, outdoor cafes and of course, our multi-colored taxi cabs.

Wednesday - 02/01/2012, 12:18pm EST

Mike's Take: A vote of 'no duh' for members of Congress

The "dumbest" question a member of Congress asked the Congressional Research Service was...

Wednesday - 01/25/2012, 12:29pm EST

Mike's Take: Channeling the demon in my TV

You haven't lived -- as in suffered -- until you've watched a Chinese (I think) movie with Vietnamese (I think) subtitles. Especially if you don't speak, read or write either.

Wednesday - 01/18/2012, 11:51am EST

Mike's Take: Two certainties in life ... death and texting

After decades of driving in 22 states and three foreign countries, I have learned a couple of things (often the hard way).

Thursday - 01/12/2012, 05:22pm EST

Mike's Take: Really lost in translation...

During the Cold War, the famous telephone hotline between the White House and the Kremlin was actually a teletype machine (with backups).

Tuesday - 01/03/2012, 09:53pm EST