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Knuckleheads in the News

Monday - 9/15/2014, 9:17am  ET

He's now facing vandalism charges.

C) A Utah bank robber was found not too far from the scene after someone who saw it happen followed his footprints in the snow back to his apartment.

When police got there, they found the robber and all the stolen cash.

Winner: C

Nov. 7, 2011

A) An Oregon man who broke into a home, not to steal anything but to watch TV. The homeowner discovered the unwelcome guest on his couch and knocked him unconscious. The intruder faces criminal trespassing charges.

B) A Nebraska man who relieved himself on the side of a cop car while an officer was still in the car. The man was cited for littering by urination.

C) California train robbers who stole from a stopped train, but probably didn't get what they were expecting. They grabbed 20 boxes filled with pig's feet, costing a total of $200. Authorities are still searching for the thieves.

Winner: B

Oct. 31, 2011

A) A California man who was trapped on a playground swing for nine hours before being rescued by authorities. He squeezed himself into the swing on a $100 bet from his friends. They left him stuck there overnight until he was cut free.

B) A New Mexico woman who stabbed her boyfriend after she suspected he was cheating during a game of monopoly. The boyfriend suffered wounds on his face and arms. Police say the couple appeared to be intoxicated.

C) Two Florida Pizza restaurant managers who burned down a a rival chain's shop in hopes of increasing their business. No one was hurt in the fire and both men were charged with arson.

Winner: C

Oct. 24, 2011

A) A Gaithersburg man ran from police after he was spotted stealing copper from a construction site. But after five hours on the lam, he called police complaining he was cold and wet and demanded a ride home. Police did pick him up - and took him straight to jail.

B) He was wearing brand new clothes, only he broke into the store to get them. Shortly after Frederick police watched the store's surveillance video, they found the man at a bus stop wearing the same clothes he had stolen.

C) A woman in Germany stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, but it wasn't too hard to track her down. Police realized she had left her name and address with the store clerk shortly before the robbery when she asked to have a bracelet cleaned.

Winner: A

Oct. 17, 2011

A) A records clerk for an Illinois Sheriff's office accidentally faxed a note saying "Dismiss this case...The guy is the son of one of our deputies" to a local newsroom instead of that village's attorney.The paper investigated and turns out the motorist was not the son of a deputy, and they still had to pay the fine.

B) A fun family outing to a corn maze wound up with a call to police. A Massachusetts family called -9-11 to say it had become lost in the maze on the 7- acre farm. Turns out they were only about 25 feet from the street.

C) A New Mexico man broke into a home, but forgot to take his cell phone with him when he left. The family came home, the man fled, but police later found his cell phone in the home that linked directly to his Facebook profile.

Winner: C

Oct. 10, 2011

A) A New Mexico man impersonating a police officer who picked the wrong driver to pull over, an undercover cop. The man realized the mistake and claimed to be asking for directions. He was arrested.

B) An Arizona man who robbed a bank but stayed too close to the scene of the crime. The bank robber stopped at a nearby restaurant for pizza and beer. Police caught the man before dinner was served.

C) A New York man who pet a drug-sniffing K-9 while carrying a pocketful full of marijuana. The dog picked up the scent and alerted her handler. The man was charged with unlawful possession.

Winner: C

Oct. 2, 2011

A) The chairman of a school committee in Massachusetts says he's sorry and will not perform any more magic tricks to open meetings… after appearing to pull the bra off of a fellow committee member last week to stunned silence.

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