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Knuckleheads in the News

Monday - 9/15/2014, 9:17am  ET

B) A Vermont man was angry about a recent arrest after getting caught with pot. So he decided to drive a farm tractor over seven police cruisers -- right in the Sheriff's Office parking lot! No one was hurt and the man now faces 14 charges.

C) A Pittsburgh man is in hot water after getting caught stealing a potato peeler, a kitchen knife, and a small dog from a home. A woman called 911 after hearing the man taking the utensils out of her dishwasher in the middle of the night. Then she said he grabbed her dog and left. The police found him sitting shirtless on a couch at his friend's apartment.

Winner: A

July 30, 2012

A) An 18-year-old woman offered a cop $15 to get her fake ID back. She was pulled over by police in Florida, refused sobriety tests, and was place under arrest for DUI, but not before she pleaded get her fake ID back because it would take her months to get money to buy a new one.

B) Ever have that feeling where you just don't want to leave? How about not wanting to leave jail? A 37-year-old North Carolina man was released from prison, but refused to leave because the police would not give him a ride to a motel. He was then charged with second-degree trespassing for refusing to go away!

C) A man tried to pay at an Arizona thrift store with counterfeit bills that had the wrong person on printed on them. The $100 bills had an image of Abraham Lincoln instead of Benjamin Franklin. He tried to fool two businesses but when it didn't work, he ran away.

Winner: A

July 23, 2012

A) A Canadian thief walked into a 7-Eleven and tried to steal what he thought were two breakfast sandwiches. But the "sandwiches" were actually plastic! When the man realized they were inedible fake props, he threw one away and kept the other. But he eventually gave them back undamaged.

B) Talk about an ugly mug! A Georgia woman got in trouble after she called 911 to complain about a picture of herself. Her mug shot was apparently featured on the cover of "Bad & Busted," a magazine about local criminals. She was arrested and booked -- again.

C) If you're going to do something stupid, don't post pictures of yourself doing it online. That's what three Burger King employees did after they stomped on containers of lettuce at their Ohio restaurant. The picture ended up on the internet and the workers were fired.

Winner: C

July 16, 2012

A) A Russian man broke into a home and tried to rob it, but he didn't get very far. Moscow police found him sprawled out on the homeowner's bed curled up next to a vodka bottle fast asleep.

B) A Dallas man decided to make a grand entrance when he crashed his pickup truck into a mall -- naked! After getting out of the truck, he walked over to a sporting goods store and started trying clothes on, including a pair of Air Jordans. No one was hurt except maybe his pride. He was arrested.

C) A New York man walked into a drugstore and tried to rob the pharmacy wearing a "Mr. T" mask. But this wasn't the first time he went incognito. He robbed the same pharmacy last week disguised as "Mike Tyson"! Police are investigating whether he's connected to another robbery by a "Richard Nixon."

Winner: B

July 09, 2012

A) A man broke into a Subway restaurant and stole nine bags of potato chips. He may have gotten away with it if it weren't for the trail of empty bags that lead police straight to him. Now he's being held on bail.

B) A would-be robber found him self between a rock and a hard place -- literally. He propped up a garage door and started to crawl inside when his head got stuck underneath the door -- for NINE hours! A manager found him in the morning and called police. He tried to say he was fixing the door.

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