Holes remain in flight school scrutiny after 9/11

Ten years after the 9/11 attacks, government screening has made it harder for foreign students to enroll in civilian flight schools as a handful of the hijackers did, banking on America being inviting and a place to learn quickly.

Tuesday - 08/30/2011, 10:59am EDT

Most US Muslims feel targeted by terror policies

More than half of Muslim-Americans in a new poll say that government anti-terrorism policies single them out for increased surveillance and monitoring, and many report increased cases of name-calling, threats and harassment by airport security, law enforcement officers and others.

Tuesday - 08/30/2011, 12:23am EDT

2 states say they are reviewing 9/11 charities

Officials in Arizona and New York have launched investigations into charities that claim to serve 9/11 causes, probing whether they failed to follow state laws _ and may have misspent millions intended to help and honor those affected by the terrorist attacks.

Monday - 08/29/2011, 09:22am EDT

Scientists man bioterror front lines post-9/11

Just hours after the first death in the 2001 anthrax attacks, Tom Slezak was told to gather his team, collect his gear and get on a plane.

Friday - 08/26/2011, 08:52pm EDT

10 years after 9/11, 1 family fights on in court

final flight

Friday - 08/26/2011, 12:27pm EDT

9/11 exhibit looks at war, healing 10 years later

A new art exhibit looks at "Ten Years After 9/11."

Friday - 08/26/2011, 05:01am EDT

AP IMPACT: Some 9/11 charities failed miserably

Americans eager to give after the 9/11 terrorist attacks poured $1.5 billion into hundreds of charities established to serve the victims, their families and their memories. But a decade later, an Associated Press investigation shows that many of those nonprofits have failed miserably.

Thursday - 08/25/2011, 04:52pm EDT

Most 9/11 charities fulfilled mission to give aid

More than a third of the hundreds of new charities created after the 9/11 attacks are still operating, although many have transformed into nonprofits promising to help veterans, victims of other tragedies or some other unrelated cause.

Thursday - 08/25/2011, 05:31am EDT

Critics call NY vintner's 9/11 wine distasteful

A New York vintner has produced a 9/11 memorial wine that's been approved by the Sept. 11 memorial board. But critics say the wine's in poor taste.

Tuesday - 08/23/2011, 11:03am EDT

Jersey Girls who emerged after 9/11 stay activists

The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 turned them into widows and the four Jersey Girls, as they became known, turned themselves into activists.

Tuesday - 08/23/2011, 10:55am EDT

9/11 brought changes to skyscrapers and high-rises

What if it should happen again?

Tuesday - 08/23/2011, 09:34am EDT

110 floors, 65 pounds: Firefighters brave Sept. 11 climb

Imagine climbing to the top of a 110-floor building with 65 pounds of bulky clothing and gear on your back.

Thursday - 08/18/2011, 01:17pm EDT

Across the globe, families of 9/11 victims mourn

In a Lithuanian cemetery, a world away from ground zero, the twin towers still stand. Vladimir Gavriushin lays white roses near the 6-foot granite replicas of the World Trade Center's skyscrapers, a memorial he built to honor his daughter Yelena, one of the nearly 3,000 people killed on Sept. 11.

Wednesday - 08/17/2011, 09:39am EDT

US citizen to Italy after detention in England

An Oregon man who traveled to England by boat because of his apparent placement on the U.S. no-fly list has been released from custody by British authorities after being detained upon arrival from a trans-Atlantic cruise, according to his family.

Monday - 08/15/2011, 02:43pm EDT

Sept. 11 changed everything _ about air travel

Five-year-old Frank Allocco is 37,000 feet above America, face pressed against the window.

Monday - 08/15/2011, 01:23pm EDT

Post-9/11 security divides life on northern border

A restaurant owner in Vermont held a contest to help Canadians buy passports so they cross the border for a meal. A fire department can't depend on help from a few miles away. A short drive to pick up milk can bring unpredictable delays.

Saturday - 08/13/2011, 01:45pm EDT

Facebook users describe memories of Sept. 11

It's the question that's often first asked or first told when the subject of the worst terror attack in the nation's history comes up: Where were you? What do you remember most? The Associated Press posted an inquiry on Facebook asking people around the world to describe their most vivid memory of Sept. 11, 2001. A sampling of their verbatim responses follows.

Thursday - 08/11/2011, 03:55pm EDT

10 years later, NY responders communicate better

On Sept. 11, 2001, as firefighters rushed into the smoldering twin towers, their radios went dead. Police on the scene couldn't hear orders from their superiors. And none of the agencies responding to the nation's deadliest terrorist attack could communicate with one another.

Wednesday - 08/10/2011, 02:53pm EDT

9/11 commemoration in NYC aims to create unity

A Sept. 11 commemoration in New York City will include people standing hand in hand at 8:46 a.m., the time the first of two planes hit the World Trade Center.

Monday - 08/08/2011, 09:06pm EDT

New 9/11, Reagan, WWII cartoons to combat HS 'deficiency'

Upset with statistics that supposedly show American high school seniors are "deficient" in American History, former presidential candidate and Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has released a series of animated videos he hopes will help students stand up the bullies, learn respect, believe in freedom and equality and put their faith in God.

Friday - 08/05/2011, 05:22pm EDT
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