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Lufthansa pilots' union threatens new strikes

Lufthansa pilots' union says talks in benefits dispute failed, threatens new strikes

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 09:00am EDT

France considers joining Syria airstrikes

France, with planes over Iraq, considers joining airstrikes in Syria

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 08:54am EDT

Several Nobel peace winners boycott South Africa

Several women who won Nobel peace prize to skip South Africa meeting over Dalai Lama visa

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 08:50am EDT

Journalist freed in Somalia: need time to recover

German-US journalist freed in Somalia says he's safe but 'not healthy,' needs time to recover

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 08:20am EDT

Image of Asia: Reselling iPhones in mainland China

Image of Asia: Reselling the latest iPhones in mainland China

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 07:46am EDT

India's Modi looks to big US welcome, mended ties

Once denied visa, India's Prime Minister Modi looks to star reception, reset ties with America

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 06:50am EDT

German minister in Iraq for talks with Kurds

German defense minister in northern Iraq to meet with Kurds as arms deliveries begin

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 05:32am EDT

US hits Islamic State group in both Syria and Iraq

US airstrikes hit Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq, extremists move toward Turkey border

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 02:40am EDT

Island to get 1st German drone delivery service

DHL begins Germany's 1st drone delivery service in project serving North Sea island pharmacy

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 02:40am EDT

Algerian Islamic militants behead French hostage

Algerian extremists linked to Islamic State group behead French hostage over airstrikes

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 02:26am EDT

Italy stages Ebola evacuation drill _ just in case

Italy, on front lines of Africa migration crisis, stages Ebola evacuation drill _ just in case

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 01:33am EDT

Pirate: $1.6 million ransom paid for journalist

Somali pirate says $1.6 million ransom paid for German-American journalist

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 01:28am EDT

Dutch to send fighter jets to strike at IS in Iraq

Dutch government to send 6 F-16s to fight Islamic State group in Iraq

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 01:10am EDT

UK Parliament recalled to discuss Iraq airstrikes

UK Parliament recalled to discuss airstrikes on Islamic State group in Iraq

Wednesday - 09/24/2014, 10:06pm EDT

Mars mission opens India for space business

India's Mars mission is boon for its space business and inspiration for homegrown scientists

Wednesday - 09/24/2014, 07:32pm EDT

Paris shows evoke Audrey Hepburn, Pre-Raphaelites

Audrey Hepburn and Pre-Raphaelites evoked in Paris Fashion Week's ever-creative hotchpotch

Wednesday - 09/24/2014, 07:22pm EDT

Red Cross team attacked while burying Ebola dead

Red Cross team attacked in Guinea, as fear, misunderstanding stymie efforts to stop Ebola

Wednesday - 09/24/2014, 07:16pm EDT

Obama: Al-Abadi the right man to lead Iraq

At UN, Obama says new PM Al-Abadi the right man to lead Iraq against Islamic State

Wednesday - 09/24/2014, 07:00pm EDT

Turks leave for "family-friendly" IS group

Fired by zeal, Turks move with children to "family-friendly" Islamic State territory

Wednesday - 09/24/2014, 06:04pm EDT

London arts center closes show amid protests

Protesters force London arts center to cancel show featuring black performers in chains

Wednesday - 09/24/2014, 06:00pm EDT
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