Poll: Americans find little to like in Washington

Americans are finding little they like about President Barack Obama or either political party, according to a new poll that suggests the possibility of a "throw the bums out" mentality in next year's midterm elections

Friday - 10/11/2013, 06:45am EDT

WTOP Answer Desk: What are the Beltway truckers planning? (Video)

Truckers are promising to cause a traffic jam on the Capital Beltway Friday in a political protest.

Friday - 10/11/2013, 03:51am EDT

Gray: Reserves dwindling, services at risk

District funding for local services is caught in the middle of the tug-of-war over the budget on Capitol Hill. And cash available to keep services running are dwindling without congressional intervention.

Thursday - 10/10/2013, 08:56pm EDT

Halted Medicaid payments threaten D.C. children's health

The youngest victims of the shutdown, children, will bear the brunt of a halt in Medicaid payments in D.C. Without the payments, children's access to routine medical care, vaccinations and other health services are threatened.

Thursday - 10/10/2013, 05:29pm EDT

DC mayor, Reid speak on phone after confrontation

DC mayor has 'cordial' phone conversation with Sen. Harry Reid following confrontation

Thursday - 10/10/2013, 03:56pm EDT

APNewsBreak: Feds to let states pay to open parks

APNewsBreak: Obama admin will allow state to pay to reopen some national parks

Thursday - 10/10/2013, 03:30pm EDT

Creative ways to spend your furlough

As many residents in the region continue to toil through the government shutdown, some furloughed feds are coming up with creative ways to vent their frustration.

Thursday - 10/10/2013, 02:59pm EDT

Lew warns of 'irrevocable damage' from default

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew on Thursday urged Congress to raise the government's borrowing limit before Oct. 17, warning that a Republican idea to prioritize payments with cash on hand could cause "irrevocable damage" to the U.S. economy.

Thursday - 10/10/2013, 11:01am EDT

Obama: Complaints about fed workers 'destructive'

Obama: 'Damaging and destructive' anti-federal worker rhetoric a factor in government shutdown

Thursday - 10/10/2013, 11:00am EDT

US jobless claims jump to 374,000 due to backlog

US unemployment benefit applications spike to 374,000 due to California backlog, shutdown

Thursday - 10/10/2013, 10:00am EDT

Holmes Norton, Gray confront Obama, Reid over D.C. funding

Two D.C. leaders trying to make sure the District continues operations during the federal shutdown had what some described as heated exchanges Wednesday with President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid.

Thursday - 10/10/2013, 09:25am EDT

Q&A: Why breaking federal debt limit sparks fear

Q&A: What happens if Congress and White House can't agree to lift government's borrowing cap?

Thursday - 10/10/2013, 07:45am EDT

Fort Lee calls off run because of shutdown

Fort Lee postpones annual run honoring fallen service members because of shutdown

Thursday - 10/10/2013, 06:52am EDT

Obama to seek opening with GOP leaders on shutdown

Obama seeks opening on shutdown with House GOP leaders eyeing short-term debt limit extension

Thursday - 10/10/2013, 06:12am EDT

Will taxpayers foot the bill for government shutdown?

The unfair irony of a federal shutdown: Federal workers could be paid for work they didn't do and taxpayers could be stuck paying for services they didn't get.

Thursday - 10/10/2013, 06:11am EDT

Charity to pay military death benefits

The Obama administration, scrambling to tamp down a controversy over suspended death benefits for the families of fallen troops, announced Wednesday that a charity would pick up the costs of the payments during the government shutdown.

Thursday - 10/10/2013, 06:09am EDT

As shutdown drags on, time to call in mediator?

Maybe it's time to call in a mediator - if there's one not on furlough.

Thursday - 10/10/2013, 06:03am EDT

Local food banks could see demand spike if shutdown lingers

If the stalemate on Capitol Hill cuts off federal food assistance programs, area food banks could bare the brunt of feeding hungry families in the D.C. region beginning in November.

Thursday - 10/10/2013, 05:02am EDT

Boehner sending small group to Obama meeting

Boehner's office: GOP sending small group to Obama meeting Thursday, not full invited caucus

Thursday - 10/10/2013, 12:20am EDT

Man takes mower to National Mall during shutdown

One man has taken it upon himself to mow and clean up the grounds around the Lincoln Memorial during the government shutdown.

Wednesday - 10/09/2013, 11:06pm EDT
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