VA treated shooting suspect for insomnia

VA: Shooter visited 2 emergency rooms in August, denied struggling with depression or anxiety

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 03:35am EDT

Counselors available to help shooting survivors

Counselors being brought in from around area to support survivors of Navy Yard shootings

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 02:07am EDT

Evacuation order lifted at Navy base in Va.

Evacuation order lifted at Navy base in Va. after authorities question retiree

Wednesday - 09/18/2013, 08:51pm EDT

Navy Yard weapon exempted under proposed ban

Navy Yard shooter's weapon among firearms that would not be banned under proposed law

Wednesday - 09/18/2013, 06:20pm EDT

Correction: Navy Yard Shooting story

Correction: Navy Yard Shooting story

Wednesday - 09/18/2013, 05:10pm EDT

Navy gunman's mom: 'I don't know why he did it'

Navy Yard gunman's mother says son 'now in a place where he can no longer do harm'

Wednesday - 09/18/2013, 03:54pm EDT

Families claiming bodies from Navy Yard shooting

DC medical examiner office: Families claiming bodies from Navy Yard shooting, 2 released

Wednesday - 09/18/2013, 03:39pm EDT

Baseball resumes, near site of Navy Yard shooting

Near site of Navy Yard shooting, baseball tries to resume normalcy with Nationals doubleheader

Wednesday - 09/18/2013, 01:12pm EDT

Navy: Shooter wasn't found 'a physical threat'

The Navy was informed last month of an incident in which the man who shot and killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday complained that he was hearing voices through his hotel room walls, but found nothing that would indicate that he was a "physical threat" to himself or others.

Wednesday - 09/18/2013, 12:52pm EDT

Mother of Navy yard shooter 'so, so very sorry'

Mother of Aaron Alexis, who killed 12 in Washington Navy Yard shooting, 'so, so very sorry'

Wednesday - 09/18/2013, 12:19pm EDT

Hospital: 2 Navy Yard victims improve, 1 released

DC hospital: 2 people wounded in Navy Yard shooting in good condition, 1 released

Wednesday - 09/18/2013, 11:51am EDT

Navy Yard opens garages for employees to get cars

Navy Yard encourages employees to telecommute, opens garages for employees to retrieve cars

Wednesday - 09/18/2013, 08:06am EDT

Navy Yard shooting: Helping your kids understand, cope with tragedy

It's hard enough for adults to get a handle on what happened Monday at the Navy Yard. For kids, it's even tougher.

Wednesday - 09/18/2013, 06:59am EDT

Audit critical of Navy security review system

Audit critical of security review system, but process not 1 used for Navy Yard shooter

Wednesday - 09/18/2013, 06:51am EDT

Services available for Navy Yard victims, families

Throughout the next few days, the FBI has counselors at Bolling Air Force Base providing services and support to the immediate families of the dead and severely injured.

Wednesday - 09/18/2013, 04:29am EDT

Federal gun laws didn't block Navy Yard shooter

Navy Yard gunman appears to have slipped through gun law seams

Wednesday - 09/18/2013, 03:48am EDT

White House criticizes lawmakers opposing gun bill

White House criticizes lawmakers who oppose bill to expand background checks for gun purchases

Wednesday - 09/18/2013, 01:57am EDT

Navy Yard gunman visited range day before shooting

Navy Yard gunman visited shooting range in Va. the day before the shooting, bought shotgun

Wednesday - 09/18/2013, 01:57am EDT

FBI: Navy Yard gunman had shotgun, got handgun

FBI says Navy Yard gunman had shotgun when he entered building, obtained handgun after firing

Tuesday - 09/17/2013, 11:50pm EDT

Weapon used by Navy Yard shooter purchased legally in Va.

The shotgun that suspected Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis used was purchased at a store in Lorton, Va., legally.

Tuesday - 09/17/2013, 09:20pm EDT
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