Lyin' den? China zoo replaces big cat with big dog

Lyin' kings? Chinese zoo accused of trying to pass off bushy Tibetan mastiff as African lion

Monday - 08/19/2013, 07:50pm EDT

Illinois agents euthanize deer brought to shelter

Animal shelter employers were angered after wildlife agents killed a baby deer that had been dropped off at the shelter in July.

Monday - 08/19/2013, 06:20pm EDT

Ball State student wins free tuition with half-court shot (Video)

Athletes looking for a free trip to college like to focus on their jump shots, but maybe they should back it up a bit more.

Monday - 08/19/2013, 10:24am EDT

Software stops training videos if employee looks away

Sound like Big Brother? CEO says there's a different goal.

Monday - 08/19/2013, 07:22am EDT

Arrest after Facebook tip in Calif. riot vandalism

Police in California beach community say Facebook 'likes' led to arrest for riot vandalism

Sunday - 08/18/2013, 06:10pm EDT

'Bucket List Bandit' gets 11 years sentence in Pa.

'Bucket List Bandit' sentenced to 11 years in prison for bank heists across 10 states

Friday - 08/16/2013, 07:20pm EDT

Prowling Pa. ninja says he was trying to help cops

Prowling Pennsylvania ninja says he's not a bad guy, only wants to help police catch crooks

Friday - 08/16/2013, 07:20pm EDT

Vietnam offers free Marxism degrees to draw takers

Vanishing student interest in Marxism degrees compels Communist Vietnam to offer free tuition

Friday - 08/16/2013, 06:20pm EDT

Survivors of Ore. boat explosion include 2 cats

2 cats survive tuna boat explosion off Oregon coast, swim to safety

Friday - 08/16/2013, 06:20pm EDT

Central Pa. farmer's corn crop yields 4-headed ear

Central Pa. farmer finds 4-headed ear of corn among his crop, might enter it into contest

Friday - 08/16/2013, 05:10pm EDT

Olinguito serenaded in new YouTube video

It's not very often that a new, furry creature is discovered. In fact, the now famous olinguito is the first new mammal to be identified in the Americas in 35 years.

Friday - 08/16/2013, 03:23pm EDT

Boy finds bear napping in his house (Video)

A 7-year-old boy in Naples, Fla., realized a bear was taking a nap in the enclosed front porch of his family's home. The bear eventually wandered off.

Friday - 08/16/2013, 09:34am EDT

Russia: Surgeon stole heroin found in stomach

Russian surgeon accused of stealing heroin found in stomach of suspected drug mule

Friday - 08/16/2013, 07:30am EDT

Missing Iowa border collie found stuck in a tree

Missing Iowa border collie found stuck in tree, 10 feet from ground; maybe chased squirrel

Friday - 08/16/2013, 06:56am EDT

Billboards give wrong date for Detroit election

Billboards promoting Detroit's general election give erroneous information about date to vote

Friday - 08/16/2013, 03:30am EDT

Animal welfare group vandalizes Iowa butter cow

Animal welfare group pours paint over Iowa State Fair butter cow; sculptor scrapes away damage

Thursday - 08/15/2013, 01:58pm EDT

Cocaine found inside okra plants in Guyana

Guyana authorities arrest man in attempt to smuggle cocaine in hollowed out okra

Thursday - 08/15/2013, 01:01pm EDT

Divorce-related legal feud in Ohio lasts 17 years

Judges in Ohio scold former couple over drawn-out divorce case that has lasted 17 years

Thursday - 08/15/2013, 07:48am EDT

1 stolen bonsai returned to Hawaii nursery

1 of several valuable bonsai trees stolen from Hawaii nursery returned to owner

Wednesday - 08/14/2013, 11:40pm EDT

DWI charge for NY man asleep in car at drive-thru

Western NY man found asleep at wheel of car at fast-food drive-thru charged with DWI

Wednesday - 08/14/2013, 09:50pm EDT
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