Pa. man wins sideburns contest honoring Navy hero

Busting his chops: Pa. man wins sideburns contest that celebrates hero of 1813 battle

Sunday - 08/11/2013, 08:50pm EDT

Man finds maggots on sandwich at Atlanta airport

Man finds maggots writhing across sandwich at Atlanta airport; restaurant switches vendors

Saturday - 08/10/2013, 04:00pm EDT

Dead shark is found in NYC subway car, disposed of

Dead shark about 4 feet long is found in NYC subway car and disposed of

Saturday - 08/10/2013, 04:00pm EDT

Subway shark mystery may be solved (Video)

The viral image of a 4-foot-long shark found dead on a New York City subway train left people wondering, "what the....?"

Friday - 08/09/2013, 01:32pm EDT

NJ cop makes unexpected bust in store bathroom

Northern NJ police officer stops to use convenience store bathroom, makes unexpected drug bust

Friday - 08/09/2013, 01:10pm EDT

Utah man accused of running speakeasy from garage

Utah man accused of running speakeasy in garage; pleads not guilty to illegal business charge

Friday - 08/09/2013, 01:10pm EDT

Escape artist pulls off locked coffin skydive

Daredevil lands safely after freeing himself from chains, cuffs, locked coffin during skydive

Friday - 08/09/2013, 12:12pm EDT

All-boys club: Michigan couple welcomes 12th son

All-boys club: Mich. couple welcomes 12th child into family fold and, yes, it's a boy _ again!

Friday - 08/09/2013, 06:39am EDT

Friendliest and least friendly cities in the world

Why is it that out of the top 10 most unfriendly cities in the world, five are in the United States?

Friday - 08/09/2013, 05:38am EDT

'Stop phubbing' goes viral -- why? Because we've all been 'phubbed'

You're out with a friend enjoying a conversation when, suddenly, their phone beeps. The friend may apologize then pick up the device, or steal a quick glance, or pretend they don't notice while tuning you out to wonder what's on their phone.

Thursday - 08/08/2013, 07:32pm EDT

Report: Fake officer stopped real police agents

Report: Fake officer stopped real police agents for speeding, gets arrested

Thursday - 08/08/2013, 05:40pm EDT

This is what happens inside your skin when a mosquito bites

The footage below shows exactly what happens inside your skin when you're bitten by a mosquito.

Thursday - 08/08/2013, 05:00pm EDT

Mind the fat: huge blob of it found in UK sewer

Ewww: Thames Water says it has discovered huge blob of fat and waste in suburban London sewer

Thursday - 08/08/2013, 03:44pm EDT

Boat overturns at Austrian opera fest, singers wet

Mozart opera makes a splash after boat overturns on Austrian lake, dousing singers

Wednesday - 08/07/2013, 10:00pm EDT

Witnesses tackle man who runs from bank with cash

Everett, Wash. police: Witnesses chase, tackle man who runs from bank with basket of cash

Wednesday - 08/07/2013, 09:30pm EDT

China's heat wave brings 'dead' man back to life

Stunt claiming officials fatally beat vendor in China goes awry when 'dead' man grabs drink

Wednesday - 08/07/2013, 02:50pm EDT

Tagliani pays off wager with beaver-suit stunts

Tagliani pays off wager with tricycle ride, other stunts in beaver suit at Indiana State Fair

Wednesday - 08/07/2013, 01:50pm EDT

Plane hits cow, skids off runway in Indonesia

Plane carrying 117 people hits cow and skids off runway in Indonesia; no injuries

Wednesday - 08/07/2013, 12:50pm EDT

Elevator riders get surprise visit from weatherman (Video)

Riders in one elevator got a little surprise when comedian Greg Benson busted out into a spontaneous weather forecast

Wednesday - 08/07/2013, 11:28am EDT

4-year-old mayor is re-elected in northern Minn.

4-year-old is re-elected as mayor of tiny tourist town in northern Minnesota

Wednesday - 08/07/2013, 08:54am EDT
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