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California teacher tenure ruling may fuel debate

While on hold, California court ruling on teacher job protections could reverberate elsewhere

Wednesday - 06/11/2014, 03:44pm EDT

E. Virginia Medical School tuition to increase

Eastern Virginia Medical School board approves 2 percent tuition increase, pay raises

Wednesday - 06/11/2014, 10:30am EDT

Montgomery County superintendent: Changing school bell times not feasible

After recommending Montgomery County Public Schools consider changing school bell times, the superintendent now says implementation isn't feasible.

Wednesday - 06/11/2014, 08:03am EDT

DC mayoral nominee pledges to retain chancellor

DC's Democratic mayoral nominee pledges to retain schools chancellor

Wednesday - 06/11/2014, 07:30am EDT

When school lets out for summer, hunger begins for many

For a lot of kids, the sound of school's final bell signals fun and freedom. But it leaves many students wondering where their next meal will come from.

Wednesday - 06/11/2014, 07:02am EDT

Police: Teen gunman kills student at Oregon school

Police: Teen gunman kills 14-year-old at Oregon high school, wounds teacher, is found dead

Wednesday - 06/11/2014, 06:44am EDT

Obama takes to Tumblr to pitch student debt steps

Aiming to reach young people online, Obama pitches steps to ease student debt burden on Tumblr

Wednesday - 06/11/2014, 04:32am EDT

Tenure opponent says public schools must improve

Wealthy tenure opponent says he wants to improve public schools, not harm them

Wednesday - 06/11/2014, 03:27am EDT

US Open a reunion for 2 players, 1 caddie

A generous act leads to a 6th-grade teacher to Pinehurst as a caddie

Wednesday - 06/11/2014, 03:26am EDT

A look at Eric Cantor, tea party challenger

A look at Eric Cantor, tea party challenger who defeated him in GOP primary

Tuesday - 06/10/2014, 11:39pm EDT

Agreement ends 2-year sex-assault probe in Montana

Montana prosecutor, Department of Justice reach deal to improve sexual-assault response

Tuesday - 06/10/2014, 07:40pm EDT

Excerpts from California teacher tenure ruling

Excerpts from ruling finding California's teacher tenure, layoff laws unconstitutional

Tuesday - 06/10/2014, 07:21pm EDT

Reaction to California teacher tenure ruling

Reaction to judge's ruling holding California's teacher tenure, layoff laws unconstitutional

Tuesday - 06/10/2014, 06:40pm EDT

Judge strikes down California teacher tenure

Tuesday - 06/10/2014, 06:00pm EDT

Report: Sex crimes were up at US colleges

Report: Sex crimes increased at US colleges, universities even as overall crime declined

Tuesday - 06/10/2014, 04:30pm EDT

Gunman, student killed in shooting

Tuesday - 06/10/2014, 03:10pm EDT

Philly-area school has 14 sets of graduating twins

Suburban Philadelphia high school has 14 sets of twins graduating this month

Tuesday - 06/10/2014, 02:40pm EDT

School: Aide told students pet treats were cookies

School: Aide tricked 4th-graders into eating pet treats by saying they were actually cookies

Tuesday - 06/10/2014, 01:00pm EDT

College presidents express support for Common Core

Higher education leaders band together in support of Common Core standards

Tuesday - 06/10/2014, 12:50pm EDT

Judge chastises Ohio suspect in kindergarten melee

Judge chastises southwest Ohio suspect in melee at kindergarten graduation, sets $50,000 bond

Tuesday - 06/10/2014, 12:10pm EDT
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