Beware: Read this before hitting copy-paste

It's easy to copy and paste material from the Internet -- but is it legal? Data Doctor Ken Colburn describes what you need to know.

Friday - 05/02/2014, 07:31am EDT

White House calls for more privacy laws

White House report calls for more privacy laws and updates to outdated ones

Friday - 05/02/2014, 05:10am EDT

Lawsuit seeks access to more secret court opinions

Lawsuit by civil-liberties group seeks more secret court opinions about NSA surveillance

Friday - 05/02/2014, 05:10am EDT

Scientists urge delay in destroying last smallpox

Countries prepare to debate destroying last smallpox stocks; US officials say still too soon

Friday - 05/02/2014, 05:10am EDT

LinkedIn posts 1Q loss as execs focus on long term

LinkedIn swings to first-quarter loss on higher spending; slumping stock slides further

Friday - 05/02/2014, 04:10am EDT

As Facebook matures, it looks to grow mobile reach

Facebook unveils host of features aimed at enhancing privacy and convenience for mobile users

Friday - 05/02/2014, 12:24am EDT

Internet giants eye cheerleader's defamation suit

Internet giants watching ex-Bengals cheerleader's defamation lawsuit against gossip website

Thursday - 05/01/2014, 11:02pm EDT

Apple v. Samsung: Jurors end day without verdict

Apple v. Samsung: Jurors fail to reach verdict after second full day of deliberations

Thursday - 05/01/2014, 08:40pm EDT

Unique floating lab showcases 'aliens of the sea'

Unique floating lab decodes gene blueprint of 'aliens of the sea,' seeks clues on regeneration

Thursday - 05/01/2014, 06:50pm EDT

Google to stop mining student emails for ad ideas

Google changes Gmail-scanning policy for Apps for Education to protect students' personal info

Thursday - 05/01/2014, 05:28pm EDT

Wheeler says FCC won't allow Internet 'slow lane'

Wheeler says FCC won't allow Internet 'slow lane' in defense of proposed open access rules

Thursday - 05/01/2014, 05:28pm EDT

Survey: 'Heartbleed' spooks 39 pct of Web surfers

Survey: Security lapse spurs changes by many Web surfers while others remain unaware of threat

Thursday - 05/01/2014, 05:18pm EDT

'Lego Movie' gives Time Warner boost in 1Q

Time Warner's 1Q profit rises partly on success of 'The Lego Movie' and HBO's 'True Detective'

Thursday - 05/01/2014, 02:36pm EDT

Scalia gets his facts wrong in EPA dissent

Take 2: Justice Scalia quietly corrects glaring error in his thunderous EPA dissent

Thursday - 05/01/2014, 02:26pm EDT

EBay takes 1st quarter loss on tax charge

EBay records loss in 1st quarter on tax charge, adjusted results top expectations

Thursday - 05/01/2014, 02:00pm EDT

Twitter stock down amid user growth concerns in 1Q

Twitter 1st-quarter results surpass analysts' expectations but stock sinks amid growth worries

Thursday - 05/01/2014, 12:10pm EDT

North Korea: New kind of nuke test still an option

Ruse or real possibility? North Korea says new kind of nuclear test still an option

Thursday - 05/01/2014, 12:01pm EDT

Twitter falls to lowest point since going public

Twitter slips to lowest point since going public in Nov., concerns remain on user growth

Thursday - 05/01/2014, 11:30am EDT

Disney adding Marvel heroes to 'Infinity' game

Disney adding Marvel superheroes to 'Infinity' toys-meets-games franchise

Thursday - 05/01/2014, 09:38am EDT

Red Cross releases flood app with tips, resources

Government agencies haven't requested the American Red Cross set up shelters due to area flooding, but as the storm hit, the agency released a flood app.

Thursday - 05/01/2014, 05:55am EDT
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