NYC jail boss details heating problems after death

NYC jails head tells lawmakers faulty damper, fan belts found after inmate 'baked to death'

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 10:23pm EDT

Camera used on moon landing sold for $758,489

Camera used in 1971 moon landing fetches $758,489 at Austrian auction

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 06:50pm EDT

Big climate report: Warming is big risk for people

It's not polar bears, but humans most at risk from global warming, mega-report says

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 06:50pm EDT

FDA advisers back Exact Sciences colon cancer test

FDA advisers unanimously back Cologuard, a DNA test for colon cancer from Exact Sciences

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 06:00pm EDT

Wandering wolf's signal ready to fade

Wandering wolf's tracking device nearing its end

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 02:57pm EDT

UN: 2013 extreme events due to warming Earth

UN: 2013 extreme weather due to human-induced climate change warming the Earth

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 01:44pm EDT

NASA measures snowpack in California, Colorado

NASA launches a mission to measure snowpack in California, Colorado mountain ranges

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 01:06pm EDT

Big threat to Japan whaling: Declining appetites

Court ruling could hurt Japan's whaling industry, but declining sales of meat could doom it

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 12:40pm EDT

Space station arrival delayed for US-Russian crew

Snag delays arrival of Soyuz spacecraft carrying Russian-American crew to space station

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 07:12pm EDT

Toilet tech fair tackles global sanitation woes

Toilet tech fair in India tackles global sanitation problems by finding profit in waste

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 07:12pm EDT

Study ties breast gene to high-risk uterine cancer

Study ties breast cancer gene to high-risk uterine tumors in women who already had ovaries out

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 05:02pm EDT

Great Alaska Earthquake shook Alaska 50 years ago

50 years ago, Great Alaska Earthquake tore up southern Alaska, sent out deadly tsunamis

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 01:08pm EDT

Russian wins Norway's $1 million Abel math prize

Russian mathematician wins Norwegian $1 million Abel Prize

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 09:50am EDT

What are the world's most fascinating sounds?

If you listen carefully, the world constantly produces fascinating, magical, hard-to-explain sounds. One man has pulled together the sonic wonders of the world, including some made locally.

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 04:07am EDT

Time, uncertainty make plane hunt uniquely hard

Time, currents, uncertainty make Flight 370 hunt tougher than any previous successful search

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 02:20am EDT

Snag delays arrival of crew at space station

Snag delays arrival of Soyuz spacecraft carrying Russian-American crew at space station

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 02:10am EDT

Russian rocket launches with American on board

Despite disagreements over Ukraine, Russian rocket launches with American on board

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 10:44pm EDT

Likely prehistoric human remains found in Arizona

Anthropologist: Remains found near Colorado City could be those of man from 1,800 years ago

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 09:20pm EDT

Oversight chair questions safety at nuke dump

Chair of oversight board questions safety at nuke dump; calls accidents "near misses"

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 09:00pm EDT

Man gets probation in fossil-smuggling case

Judge sentences man to 2 years of probation on felony plea to smuggling fossils from China

Tuesday - 03/25/2014, 08:42pm EDT
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