'Epic' speech welcomes incoming Georgia Tech students

Incoming Georgia Tech freshmen got a glimpse of the nerdery to come recently when they sat down for a student welcome speech that trumped all others.

Wednesday - 08/21/2013, 06:16pm EDT

RG3 as you've never seen him

Apparently there are no boundaries when it comes to celebrating RG3, as made clear by a shirt DC Sports Bog reports is for sale in Ocean City, Md.

Wednesday - 08/21/2013, 04:29pm EDT

Bare-breasted motorcycle rider crashes on Wisc. highway (Video)

It's not a scene you'd expect to see on the road.

Wednesday - 08/21/2013, 02:10pm EDT

Noodles meet burgers: Is 'ramen burger' a new food craze? (Video)

Combining burgers and ramen noodles may seem like a college student's dream, but one Brooklyn chef is making it a reality.

Wednesday - 08/21/2013, 08:58am EDT

Drone nails groom in head (Video)

Here's a wedding moment you hope never occurs. A groom gets nailed in the head by a drone. See the video.

Tuesday - 08/20/2013, 01:29pm EDT

Obamas adopt 2nd White House dog, name her Sunny

Watch out, Bo - there's a new dog in town.

Tuesday - 08/20/2013, 09:20am EDT

Phillies' Triple-A affiliate offers free funeral

Thinking inside the box: Phillies' Triple-A affiliate to offer free funeral as fan giveaway

Monday - 08/19/2013, 09:50pm EDT

Mounted 8-foot polar bear looking for a Pa. home

Mounted 8-foot polar bear is looking for a good home _ but it must be in Pa.

Monday - 08/19/2013, 07:50pm EDT

Police: Partying teens trapped in NY walk-in vault

Police: 4 partying teens get stuck in NY building's walk-in vault, are rescued after 4 hours

Monday - 08/19/2013, 07:50pm EDT

Ga. toll booth charity tradition is back

State reverses rule banning motorists from paying toll for person behind them on Ga. highway

Monday - 08/19/2013, 07:50pm EDT

Bad parking leads to wanted man's arrest in NY

Bad parking leads to wanted man's arrest in upstate NY; investigator sees him take up 2 spaces

Monday - 08/19/2013, 07:50pm EDT

Lyin' den? China zoo replaces big cat with big dog

Lyin' kings? Chinese zoo accused of trying to pass off bushy Tibetan mastiff as African lion

Monday - 08/19/2013, 07:50pm EDT

Illinois agents euthanize deer brought to shelter

Animal shelter employers were angered after wildlife agents killed a baby deer that had been dropped off at the shelter in July.

Monday - 08/19/2013, 06:20pm EDT

Ball State student wins free tuition with half-court shot (Video)

Athletes looking for a free trip to college like to focus on their jump shots, but maybe they should back it up a bit more.

Monday - 08/19/2013, 10:24am EDT

Software stops training videos if employee looks away

Sound like Big Brother? CEO says there's a different goal.

Monday - 08/19/2013, 07:22am EDT

Arrest after Facebook tip in Calif. riot vandalism

Police in California beach community say Facebook 'likes' led to arrest for riot vandalism

Sunday - 08/18/2013, 06:10pm EDT

'Bucket List Bandit' gets 11 years sentence in Pa.

'Bucket List Bandit' sentenced to 11 years in prison for bank heists across 10 states

Friday - 08/16/2013, 07:20pm EDT

Prowling Pa. ninja says he was trying to help cops

Prowling Pennsylvania ninja says he's not a bad guy, only wants to help police catch crooks

Friday - 08/16/2013, 07:20pm EDT

Vietnam offers free Marxism degrees to draw takers

Vanishing student interest in Marxism degrees compels Communist Vietnam to offer free tuition

Friday - 08/16/2013, 06:20pm EDT

Survivors of Ore. boat explosion include 2 cats

2 cats survive tuna boat explosion off Oregon coast, swim to safety

Friday - 08/16/2013, 06:20pm EDT
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