GO FIGURE: Alaska is warmer than Lower 48

GO FIGURE: Weather upside down as baked Alaska is 2 degrees warmer than chilly Lower 48

Saturday - 01/25/2014, 03:10pm EST

New Oreo flavors born: cookie dough, marshmallow crispy

Want something sweet to snack on? How about some milk and cookies. Oh, what was that? You're tired of the same ole' go-to treats? Well, fret no more.

Friday - 01/24/2014, 03:05pm EST

$22,000 worth of eggs stolen in Puerto Rico

More than $22,000 worth of eggs stolen in Puerto Rico

Friday - 01/24/2014, 01:30pm EST

Dress up your leftover pizza in a waffle iron

What's cheesier than cheese pizza? How about a cheesy pizza waffle.

Friday - 01/24/2014, 11:28am EST

Washington blow dart suspect: 'I'm a moron'

Washington man accused in 2 blow dart attacks faces assault charges, released from jail

Friday - 01/24/2014, 11:00am EST

Police 'like' wanted Pa. suspect's Facebook post

From poke to pokey: Pa. police capture suspect after he shares 'wanted' photo on Facebook

Friday - 01/24/2014, 10:40am EST

Cyclist: Driver didn't see me stuck in windshield

Wisconsin cyclist: Driver was unaware he had struck me and I was hanging through windshield

Friday - 01/24/2014, 10:40am EST

Wanted man arrested after falling through ceiling

Wanted man arrested after falling through ceiling, hiding in bathroom in Colorado

Friday - 01/24/2014, 10:12am EST

Girl Scouts offer gluten-free cookie

The goodness that is Girl Scout cookie season often excludes people with gluten-free diets. But this year, thanks to ABC Bakers, the standard will include Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies.

Thursday - 01/23/2014, 07:28am EST

Protesting Utah student pays tuition in $1 bills

In protest of rising costs, student pays University of Utah tuition with 2,000 $1 bills

Thursday - 01/23/2014, 12:40am EST

Froot Loops all taste the same

Froot Loops are popular for their fruity taste, but do they really taste like fruit?

Wednesday - 01/22/2014, 07:48pm EST

Inflated Wyoming sign warns of 355 mph wind gusts

A bit breezy: Wyoming road sign incorrectly warns drivers of gusts of more than 355 mph

Wednesday - 01/22/2014, 03:40pm EST

Twin toilets photo at Sochi Olympics goes viral

Photo of twin toilets at Sochi Olympics ski center goes viral in Russia; Some say it's not odd

Wednesday - 01/22/2014, 02:26pm EST

What your fridge says about you

The saying goes, "You are what you eat," but does that theory extend to, "You are what's in your refrigerator?"

Tuesday - 01/21/2014, 07:57am EST

Man hugs lions in the wild (Video)

A man who has studied lions in their natural habitats has released a video making the 400-pound animals look more like loving house cats.

Monday - 01/20/2014, 10:45am EST

NJ's pigskin-picking camel dies before Super Bowl

Princess, New Jersey's prognosticating camel, dies before getting to make Super Bowl pick

Sunday - 01/19/2014, 04:20pm EST

White Castle slider called 'most influential'

Time magazine calls White Castle slider 'most influential burger of all time'

Sunday - 01/19/2014, 04:20pm EST

Pa. couple advertises home as 'slightly haunted'

Pa. couple who advertised 'slightly haunted' home attracting ghost hunters, curiosity seekers

Sunday - 01/19/2014, 04:20pm EST

Manual transmission stymies Mass. car thieves

Would-be Springfield car thieves thwarted because none could drive a manual transmission

Sunday - 01/19/2014, 04:20pm EST

The 1 thing Tom Brady is missing in life

There is a serious deficiency in New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's life.

Friday - 01/17/2014, 03:41pm EST
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