Rangel sews up NY primary win, opponent concedes

Congressman Rangel solidifies NY primary win in bid for 23rd term after opponent concedes

Friday - 06/27/2014, 12:56pm EDT

Bulgarian parties agree on Oct. 5 snap poll

Bulgaria to hold early parliamentary elections on Oct. 5

Friday - 06/27/2014, 09:31am EDT

Hillary Clinton's wealth a fresh talking point

Hillary Clinton's wealth and what she says about it fuel a fresh talking point for her critics

Friday - 06/27/2014, 09:06am EDT

D.C. candidate to seek meeting with congressman

DC councilmember, mayoral candidate to seek meeting with Md. congressman over pot amendment

Friday - 06/27/2014, 07:27am EDT

How Hillary Clinton talks about her wealth

In their own words: How Hillary Clinton and husband Bill talk about their wealth

Friday - 06/27/2014, 04:50am EDT

Clinton struggles in discussing her family wealth

Ahead of potential White House bid, Hillary Clinton struggles to talk about her family wealth

Friday - 06/27/2014, 03:42am EDT

Prominent female activist killed in Libya

Gunmen assassinate prominent female Libyan activist in her home in Benghazi

Friday - 06/27/2014, 02:56am EDT

Iraqi Shiites pushing for al-Maliki's removal

Iraq's al-Maliki losing support as parliament prepares to start work on new government

Friday - 06/27/2014, 02:38am EDT

A look at convicted politicians who try comebacks

A look at high-profile politicians who are convicted and try to make comebacks

Friday - 06/27/2014, 01:43am EDT

Libertarian candidate qualifies for US senate race

Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis qualifies for ballot in US senate race

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 11:08pm EDT

McDaniel camp seeks voting problems in Miss. race

McDaniel camp seeks voting problems in Miss. GOP Senate runoff, still not conceding to Cochran

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 08:30pm EDT

UNH law degree for presidential candidate Bob Dole

UNH gives honorary law degree to presidential candidate, veterans advocate, ex-Sen. Bob Dole

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 04:00pm EDT

Tea party losses don't stop cash or curb influence

To GOP establishment's dismay, tea party losses don't stop flow of money or curb influence

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 03:30pm EDT

How Hillary Clinton has talked about family wealth

A look at how Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have talked recently about their family wealth

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 01:59pm EDT

Some in GOP say expanding voter base helps party

Some top Republicans fume over Mississippi challenger's lament about Dem voters in GOP primary

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 12:16pm EDT

Obama: Elections mark 'milestone' for Libya

Obama says Libya's elections mark 'milestone' for country's democratic transition

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 12:10pm EDT

Clinton says wealth comments don't define her

Hillary Clinton says 'inartful' comments about her wealth don't reflect who she really is

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 10:26am EDT

Md. Republicans plan unity event

Maryland Republicans plan unity event after primary

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 07:39am EDT

Voter turnout in Montgomery County lowest in state

Voter turnout in Montgomery County just 16.2 percent, lowest in Maryland

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 07:01am EDT

GOP establishment hails Cochran, unusual alliance

Republican powers celebrate Cochran's win _ and his unusual Mississippi alliance

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 03:06am EDT
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