Gay Republicans face long odds in House campaigns

Gay Republicans face long odds, inside party and out, in congressional campaigns

Monday - 01/20/2014, 09:30pm EST

Carl Lewis: Christie wanted me out of Senate race

Olympian Carl Lewis says Republican Gov. Christie pressured him to stay out of NJ Senate race

Monday - 01/20/2014, 06:10pm EST

Feds deny state bids to tighten voter registration

Feds deny requests from 3 states to require proof-of-citizenship on voter registration forms

Monday - 01/20/2014, 05:50pm EST

Christie leaves NJ behind for Fla. fundraisers

NJ Gov. Chris Christie leaves behind bridge scandal, raises money for Republicans in Florida

Monday - 01/20/2014, 03:50pm EST

Jerome Champagne launches FIFA presidential bid

Former Sepp Blatter adviser Jerome Champagne launches 2015 FIFA presidential bid

Monday - 01/20/2014, 12:40pm EST

Analysis: Egypt vote muddies political outlook

Analysis: Egypt's referendum falls short of popular mandate sought by top general

Monday - 01/20/2014, 06:50am EST

Japan says US base in Okinawa is only solution

Japan sticking to plans for US base in Okinawa, despite re-election of anti-base mayor

Monday - 01/20/2014, 06:10am EST

3 gay Republicans trying to make election history

Gay Republicans running for Congress this year are fighting challenges both on and off ballot

Monday - 01/20/2014, 05:20am EST

Analysis: Egypt vote muddies political outlook

Analysis: Egypt's referendum falls short of popular mandate sought by top general

Monday - 01/20/2014, 04:28am EST

Former Algerian PM announces election run

Former Algerian PM Benflis announces his candidacy for April presidential election

Sunday - 01/19/2014, 03:00pm EST

No. Va. election to determine Senate control

Special election set for Tuesday in northern Va. to determine control of state Senate

Sunday - 01/19/2014, 02:10pm EST

Guinea prime minister chosen to stay on in post

Guinea's prime minister to stay on in post in new government

Saturday - 01/18/2014, 06:00pm EST

Federal judge sent hundreds of bigoted emails

Montana judge sent hundreds of inappropriate emails, including racist message about Obama

Saturday - 01/18/2014, 10:10am EST

FEC: Craig ignored warnings, spent money illegally

FEC: Idaho's Craig should pay $360K, contends he ignored warnings, spent campaign cash anyway

Friday - 01/17/2014, 06:40pm EST

Judge spikes photo ID requirement for Pa. voters

Judge strikes down controversial photo ID requirement for voting in Pennsylvania law

Friday - 01/17/2014, 06:40pm EST

Cheney's bid leaves Enzi with $1.8M, no opponent

Liz Cheney's short-lived opposition leaves Wyoming's Enzi with $1.8 million but no opponent

Friday - 01/17/2014, 05:40pm EST

Christie facing GOP donors as bridge scandal boils

As bridge scandal boils, Christie to meet with GOP donors questioning his viability for 2016

Friday - 01/17/2014, 05:20pm EST

Gov. McAuliffe: Sen. Warner will crush Gillespie

Gov. Terry McAuliffe says Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Warner will "crush" former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie in this year's Senate race.

Friday - 01/17/2014, 03:26pm EST

Reid says Gates denigrates others to make a buck

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says Gates out to make a buck with his book

Friday - 01/17/2014, 12:50pm EST

McCain, Kaine unveil measure to change war powers

McCain, Kaine offer bill to overhaul war powers resolution

Friday - 01/17/2014, 12:50pm EST
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