New app motivates people to lose weight

This new app can motive one to lose weight.

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 10:40am EST

Study shows people are more dependent of their smartphones

New study shows that dependency on smartphones has gone way up.

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 10:39am EST

The consequences of eating lunch at your desk

Eating lunch at your desk may cause problems in the workplace.

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 10:38am EST

Former Redskins coach makes appearance on 'Colbert Report'

Former Redskins coach Joe Gibbs made an appearance on "The Colbert Report."

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 10:35am EST

Now your jeans can make more than a fashion statement

Naked & Famous to release new mint-scented jeans.

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 10:34am EST

Thousands tune in online to watch strangers eat

In South Korea thousands of people watch live streams of people eating.

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 10:34am EST

Maine girl's cellphone catches fire in her pocket

Maine girl suffers burns when cellphone catches fire in her pocket at school

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 07:40pm EST

Firefighters save dog from sinkhole in Buffalo, NY

Firefighters rescue dog from sinkhole in Buffalo, NY, park; owner narrowly avoided plunge

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 07:40pm EST

Chesapeake founding on T-shirt off by 175 years

Chesapeake founding date on souvenir T-shirt off by 175 years, company says it will fix error

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 03:41pm EST

Georgia lawyer's Super Bowl ad is on fire (Video)

Local commercials aren't necessarily known for their high quality production.

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 01:48pm EST

Viking end of days could be upon us (Photos)

Ragnarok, the Viking apocalypse, could bring down the fury of the gods Feb. 22, 2014.

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 11:24am EST

On Paper, Facebook prettier, more graceful

Facebook's new mobile app, Paper, is a graphically-pleasing alternative to the regular Facebook mobile experience. Will it render the original obsolete?

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 04:28am EST

Romance sizzles at bacon fest as 2 couples marry

Romance sizzles at Iowa bacon festival as 2 couples marry

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 03:30am EST

Trouble with tech? Obama does too

It's not uncommon for adults to have a hard time using new technology -- President Barack Obama is no exception.

Tuesday - 02/04/2014, 05:16pm EST

Super Bowl safety scores refunds for jewelry customers

Despite a disappointing Super Bowl, customers of a jewelry shop in Alabama are excited because of a betting promotion that paid off.

Monday - 02/03/2014, 05:26pm EST

Dead Puerto Rico boxer posed standing in the ring

Mourners honor slain Puerto Rican boxer posed standing in the ring at wake

Monday - 02/03/2014, 05:20pm EST

Iowa fish launcher ensures dramatic eagle photos

Dead fish slingshot ensures dramatic eagle photos as birds swoop for their meals in Iowa

Monday - 02/03/2014, 05:20pm EST

PHOTOS: Boulder nearly wipes out Italian farmhouse

PHOTOS: Giant boulder in northern Italy nearly wipes out farmhouse

Monday - 02/03/2014, 05:20pm EST

Reptile consignment intercepted in South Africa

South African animal inspectors intercept large consignment of dying reptiles at airport

Monday - 02/03/2014, 05:20pm EST

Local SPCA lets ABBA do the talking

Wake County, N.C, animal shelter produces a unique music video featuring its volunteers, one of ABBA's most memorable tunes, and the animals, of course.

Sunday - 02/02/2014, 02:57am EST
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