Students exchanging Tweets for final exams?

Could this be the new way to get out of the dreaded final exams? Better question: should it be?

Saturday - 05/10/2014, 05:25am EDT

Satantic sculpture planned for capitol almost complete

A satantic group wants to place a sculpture of a horned god associated with the devil on the Oklahoma state capitol grounds.

Friday - 05/09/2014, 11:07pm EDT

Police: Bank robbery note was on grocery receipt

Oregon authorities say bank robbery note was written on grocery receipt, which led to suspect

Friday - 05/09/2014, 05:40pm EDT

New Jersey fire siren silenced by osprey nest

Fire siren at New Jersey shore silenced after ospreys build nest there; pagers used instead

Friday - 05/09/2014, 04:40pm EDT

Deer strike kills New Mexican man in 2nd vehicle

Northern New Mexico man fatally injured when struck by deer hit by another vehicle

Friday - 05/09/2014, 10:40am EDT

Rare shark captured in Japan (Video)

And it's quite a sight. See video of the megamouth shark.

Friday - 05/09/2014, 10:24am EDT

Washington man warned for taking moose video

Wildlife officer issue warning ticket to Wenatchee man for harassing moose by video recording

Thursday - 05/08/2014, 04:40pm EDT

Man receives 2 years for slingshot assault

Judge sentences Wasilla man to 2 years in prison for firing slingshot at state troopers

Thursday - 05/08/2014, 11:38am EDT

Dinosaur throws first pitch at Padres game (Video)

A dinosaur threw out the first pitch at Wednesday's San Diego Padres game.

Thursday - 05/08/2014, 10:17am EDT

Family who lost dog during Sandy finds it at pound

Family who lost pet during Sandy goes to pound to adopt a new dog _ and finds beloved Reckless

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 03:44pm EDT

White House fox spotted crossing the street (Photo)

The White House fox has surfaced again.

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 10:53am EDT

Students make Starbucks-themed 'Frozen' parody (Video)

In the midst of final exams, students at Point Loma Nazarene University are sharing their passion for caffeine and Disney's "Frozen" in a new video going viral online.

Wednesday - 05/07/2014, 08:52am EDT

California campaign flier evokes Holocaust

California city council candidate apologizes for campaign flier that evokes Holocaust

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 05:01pm EDT

Schools boss says New Jersey class prank overblown

Schools boss says reports of New Jersey class prank that resulted in 60 arrests overblown

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 04:50pm EDT

Whale washes up in New Jersey, gets graffiti tag

Dead whale washes ashore on Atlantic City beach, gets tagged with graffiti

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 04:50pm EDT

Lion cubs take swim test at National Zoo

Four African lion cubs will soon be on display at the National Zoo after passing an important test Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 04:21pm EDT

Pilot crashes into former home north of Denver

Pilot who crashed into his former home near Denver says it's just a coincidence

Tuesday - 05/06/2014, 03:41pm EDT

Don't dis the Queen B: SNL introduces the Beygency

There is a heavy price to pay for Beyonce-bashing.

Monday - 05/05/2014, 11:58am EDT

What is the real meaning behind Cinco de Mayo?

It's Cinco de Mayo. The guacamole is prepped, the beers are cold and it's time to celebrate ... what exactly?

Monday - 05/05/2014, 10:41am EDT

PETA's bid for turkey memorial in Utah denied

PETA's request for roadside memorial for turkeys killed in Utah wreck denied

Saturday - 05/03/2014, 08:30pm EDT
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