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University bars president from campus cohabitation

Alabama university bars single president from living in campus home with any romantic partner

Tuesday - 01/14/2014, 04:10pm EST

Maryland files $157 million counterclaim vs. ACC

The University of Maryland has filed a $157 million counterclaim against the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Tuesday - 01/14/2014, 04:01pm EST

JFK museum releases condolence mail 50 years later

Kennedy museum releases new series of condolence mail 50 years after assassination

Tuesday - 01/14/2014, 03:11pm EST

Man behind Conn. gun scare pleads not guilty

Man behind gun scare at Connecticut university pleads not guilty to weapons charges

Tuesday - 01/14/2014, 03:00pm EST

Chiara de Blasio tells all. Should your teen?

NYC mayor's daughter, Chiara de Blasio, tells all on YouTube. Should your teen?

Tuesday - 01/14/2014, 11:27am EST

House Republicans to unveil education agenda

House Republicans to announce public school budget priorities, other education proposals

Tuesday - 01/14/2014, 07:01am EST

5 things to know about Little Rock-area schools

5 things to know about Little Rock-area schools includes what issues remain for the districts

Tuesday - 01/14/2014, 06:30am EST

School at fault for Calvert County alert system delay

A school error with its alert system left kids out in the cold Friday as buses were delay for road conditions

Tuesday - 01/14/2014, 05:08am EST

Still no decision on Fairfax start times, budget impact unknown

Fairfax County school officials are still weighing their options as they consider delaying start times for high school students.

Tuesday - 01/14/2014, 02:36am EST

Fairfax County teen leads anti-bully crusade

A local teenager is leading a nationwide crusade against bullying with the help of a data scientist and web-based technology.

Tuesday - 01/14/2014, 02:00am EST

McAuliffe outlines education proposals

McAuliffe proposes $5M to help northern Virginia attract quality teachers

Monday - 01/13/2014, 08:30pm EST

Zip gun found after Texas high school evacuated

Zip gun found after Houston-area high school evacuated; students to return to class Tuesday

Monday - 01/13/2014, 07:44pm EST

Emmert: Stipend 'less threatening' to NCAA members

Emmert: Stipend 'less threatening' to some NCAA members heading toward convention

Monday - 01/13/2014, 07:30pm EST

Water dispute closes South Texas school district

South Texas city shuts off school district's water amid bill dispute; schools close down

Monday - 01/13/2014, 07:11pm EST

Cuban students open rare study program to Miami

Cuban students on rare semester study program to Miami, unofficial US capital of Cuban exiles

Monday - 01/13/2014, 05:41pm EST

Montgomery superintendent pitches reimbursing Rock Terrace students

Montgomery County schools superintendent wants to reimburse Rock Terrace students for money that was taken from some students' individual funds and banking accounts in an effort to help rebuild parents' faith in the school system.

Monday - 01/13/2014, 04:53pm EST

Henrico police say gun brought to middle school

Henrico police say student taken into custody after bringing gun to middle school

Monday - 01/13/2014, 03:49pm EST

Researchers: Wash your hands of stress, because it's contagious

Not only is stress a contagious natural defense mechanism -- researchers say it can present long-term health risks.

Monday - 01/13/2014, 05:28am EST

Home health: How to avoid germ hot spots in your home

With cold and flu season in full force, many make extra effort to keep homes germ-free. But there are still items that may be overlooked.

Monday - 01/13/2014, 04:46am EST

Desegregation aid could end for Arkansas schools

Judge expected to approve deal ending quarter century of desegregation aid to Arkansas schools

Sunday - 01/12/2014, 10:28pm EST
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