Dog escapes Texas backyard, somehow gets to Ohio

Dog that escaped Texas backyard shows up in Ohio; how he got there is a mystery, owners say

Saturday - 04/05/2014, 11:28am EDT

Putin to Bush: my dog is bigger than yours

President George W. Bush says Putin insulted Barney the White House Dog.

Saturday - 04/05/2014, 01:10am EDT

Police allegedly pulls gun on kids building fort

Police are investigating complaints that their officers pulled guns on a bunch of youth building a tree fort in a Georgia subdivision.

Saturday - 04/05/2014, 12:05am EDT

FBI raid 91-year-old man for artifacts

Friday - 04/04/2014, 10:30pm EDT

Priest touches off anger after toy complaints

Polish priest touches off controversy in Poland after complaining about LEGO toys

Friday - 04/04/2014, 04:28pm EDT

Beekeeper accused of stealing hives pleads guilty

Beekeeper accused of stealing 28 hives from competitor pleads guilty, must pay restitution

Friday - 04/04/2014, 02:10pm EDT

Willie Nelson's armadillo returned after theft

Willie Nelson's stuffed armadillo mascot is returned after being taken from Vegas-area resort

Thursday - 04/03/2014, 08:04am EDT

7 things successful people don't say

Office chatter is a normal part of the job, but it may have more of an effect on your success than you think.

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 06:00pm EDT

D.C.'s snowy owl tests her replacement wings

The snowy owl hit by a vehicle in D.C. in January is receiving some special care at the University of Minnesota's Raptor Center.

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 04:48pm EDT

Which states are most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse?

The zombie apocalypse is inevitable.

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 01:00pm EDT

Ford, Cadillac ads clash over work ethic, 'stuff'

A Cadillac ELR commercial released earlier this year has been answered by Ford, and both are gaining attention on YouTube.

Tuesday - 04/01/2014, 06:40am EDT

College student builds job applications out of Legos (Video)

A Northwestern University college student's job application goes viral after channeling her inner childhood passion -- building Legos.

Monday - 03/31/2014, 03:43pm EDT

Man does C-section on dead porcupine, saves baby

Maine man in search of valuable mineral performs C-section on dead porcupine, saves baby

Monday - 03/31/2014, 02:30pm EDT

Pa. teen says typeface change could save millions

Pa. teen says changing typeface could save US government millions of dollars in ink costs

Monday - 03/31/2014, 02:30pm EDT

Ga. teen accused of spending cash after bank error

Ga. teen arrested after deputies say he spent $25,000 accidentally deposited in his account

Monday - 03/31/2014, 02:30pm EDT

Woolly creatures join tourists in Louvre Museum

Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and ... sheep? Farmers herd flock into Louvre to protest subsidy cuts

Monday - 03/31/2014, 02:30pm EDT

A $12 McDonald's burger? Yup -- but there's a catch

WTOP's David Burd reports.

Monday - 03/31/2014, 07:17am EDT


Two-legged dog has a ball on the beach (Video)

A two-legged dog's first day on the beach: Best. Day. Ever.

Monday - 03/31/2014, 04:23am EDT

Study says midlife crisis is no excuse, it just may be real

A new study shows midlife crisis may be real.

Sunday - 03/30/2014, 12:21am EDT

Nebraska dog dials 911 on owner's smartphone

Nebraska woman's dog uses paws to dial 911 on smartphone _ a first for dispatchers

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 05:20pm EDT
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