Ohio mom who loathed name can change it to Sexy

Married Ohio mom who despises her first name is allowed to change it from Sheila to Sexy

Friday - 02/14/2014, 07:06pm EST

McDonald's for Valentine's Day?

Romantics in Tampa who want to don't want to break the bank or families who want to bring their kids along may be heading to McDonald's for Valentine's Day dinner.

Friday - 02/14/2014, 05:23pm EST

D.C. is second worst city for singles

Singles Awareness Day may be a more appropriate name for Friday's holiday in the District, at least according to Facebook.

Friday - 02/14/2014, 05:00pm EST

School-closure announcement kicks it old-school (Video)

Two school administrators turned a school-closing announcement into a rap.

Friday - 02/14/2014, 08:36am EST

10 things you might not know about wine

Wine: Just because you drink it, doesn't mean you know everything about it.

Friday - 02/14/2014, 07:32am EST

'Selfie' photo leads to California burglary arrest

'Selfie' photo leads to arrest of church burglary suspect in Southern California

Friday - 02/14/2014, 01:21am EST

Mich. college offers course in zombies, apocalypse

Students at Mich. college study zombies, biblical texts in exploration of apocalyptic themes

Thursday - 02/13/2014, 04:46pm EST

Valentine's Day at the office

How to celebrate Valentine's Day at the office.

Thursday - 02/13/2014, 12:34pm EST

U.S. Olympian works to bring home stray Sochi puppies

One U.S. Olympian is working to bring four puppies home with him to the United States.

Thursday - 02/13/2014, 10:10am EST

Magical beer machine fuels Canadian Olympic team (Video)

A special beer fridge can only be opened with a Canadian passport.

Wednesday - 02/12/2014, 06:06pm EST

NM ambulance hijacked with sleeping worker inside

Hijacking of ambulance ends in car chase with Albuquerque police; 2 in custody

Tuesday - 02/11/2014, 08:00pm EST

Eating chocolate can help with weight loss

A new book claims that eating chocolate can help you lose weight.

Tuesday - 02/11/2014, 02:32pm EST

Government report highlights U.S. pizza consumption

Everyone loves pizza. And a new government report highlights just how much.

Tuesday - 02/11/2014, 02:31pm EST

Boy arrested in theft of Fla. Girl Scout's phone

Boy, 15, arrested in theft of Fla. Girl Scout's cellphone outside store during cookie sale

Tuesday - 02/11/2014, 01:09pm EST

New kitchen gadget creates a bowl out of bacon

The newest made-for-TV kitchen gadget is here. The "Perfect Bacon Bowl" creates an edible shell out of strips of bacon.

Tuesday - 02/11/2014, 11:59am EST

Romance on the rocks? Some flicks to try

WTOP's David Burd reports.

Tuesday - 02/11/2014, 08:20am EST


Siri records your conversations with her

Siri records your conversations and sends them to Apple.

Tuesday - 02/11/2014, 03:20am EST

3 accused of mailing meth to Hawaii in dummy heads

3 men accused of trafficking meth to Hawaii by mailing 6 pounds of the drug in mannequin heads

Monday - 02/10/2014, 10:20pm EST

Bottle released by Mass. scientist in 1956 found

Bottle released by Mass. scientist in 1956 to track ocean currents is found off Nova Scotia

Monday - 02/10/2014, 06:34pm EST

U.S. bobsledders stuck in Sochi elevator

Two members of the U.S. Bobsled team were stuck in a Sochi elevator Monday evening.

Monday - 02/10/2014, 11:29am EST
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