Okla. woman, pet kangaroo find new home at zoo

Exotic animal zoo gives Okla. woman battling depression, injured pet kangaroo a second chance

Sunday - 09/01/2013, 11:36am EDT

Tiny Okla. town tries to rid water supply of worms

Residents of tiny Oklahoma town asked to not drink tap water following discovery of red worms

Sunday - 09/01/2013, 03:40am EDT

2 kittens that stopped NYC subway service found

Kittens that stopped service on 2 NYC subway lines found under 3rd rail, taken away in crates

Friday - 08/30/2013, 07:44pm EDT

Fur real: Colonel Meow's 9-inch hair sets record

Fur real: Los Angeles cat named Colonel Meow sets Guinness record with 9-inch hair

Friday - 08/30/2013, 07:40pm EDT

Marijuana-wrapped arrow shot at Wash. jail

Man accused of shooting marijuana-wrapped arrow at Wash. jail says he was hunting squirrel

Friday - 08/30/2013, 06:50pm EDT

Hole makes huge pumpkin ineligible for Alaska fair

Alaska man grows another massive pumpkin, but hole makes it ineligible for state record

Friday - 08/30/2013, 09:58am EDT

Louisiana chimpanzee wins 1st prize in art contest

Louisiana chimpanzee wins $10K grand prize for sanctuary in Humane Society of US art contest

Friday - 08/30/2013, 01:24am EDT

Texting joins ranks of sleep walking and talking

It really is the next logical step in a technology-addicted society.

Thursday - 08/29/2013, 05:24am EDT

Pa. clown couple ties the knot, no foolin'

Fools rush in? Pa. clown couple gets hitched at annual festival

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 09:00pm EDT

Spanish town charges fee for annual tomato fight

Splat! Tomato-tossers in debt-strapped Spanish town hit by entry fee for 1st time

Wednesday - 08/28/2013, 11:30am EDT

Sri Lankan police apologize for dog wedding

Sri Lankan police apologize for dog wedding after criticism it damaged cultural heritage

Tuesday - 08/27/2013, 11:40am EDT

Doctor: Ohio man revives 45 mins after heart stops

Doctors: Ohio man revives 45 minutes after heart stopped and he was declared dead

Monday - 08/26/2013, 08:50pm EDT

Ex-convict sentenced for sneaking into NYC jails

Ex-convict who posed as correction officer to sneak into NYC jails gets 10 years in prison

Sunday - 08/25/2013, 05:10pm EDT

Spontaneous goat manure fire stinks up Vt. town

Goat manure pile spontaneously combusts, spreads stench over Vt. town; no damage or injuries

Sunday - 08/25/2013, 04:02pm EDT

Haiti's much-delayed ice show is postponed

Haiti's much-delayed ice skating show is postponed once again

Friday - 08/23/2013, 07:28pm EDT

Unionized SF strip club closing its curtains

Unionized strippers grind to a halt as high rent forces SF's Lusty Lady to put away the pole

Friday - 08/23/2013, 04:20pm EDT

New Jersey farmer gets political with corn maze

NJ farmer cuts faces of GOP Gov. Christie, Democratic challenger Buono in corn maze

Friday - 08/23/2013, 03:18pm EDT

Phillies' top farm club announces funeral winner

Phillies' top farm team, IronPigs, announces winner of free funeral package during game

Friday - 08/23/2013, 03:18pm EDT

Munchies from marijuana festival fetch $50 online

Money grows from trees: Munchies from marijuana festival fetch $50 online

Thursday - 08/22/2013, 10:32pm EDT

Ky. theater won't show 'Butler' because of Fonda

Ky theater owner, veteran, won't show 'Butler' because stars Jane Fonda who opposed Vietnam

Thursday - 08/22/2013, 08:40pm EDT
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