Great ideas can start in strange places

Some of the world's most successful people had their greatest ideas in the bathroom and beyond.

Monday - 09/09/2013, 10:58am EDT

Navigating social media during a divorce

Getting divorced is difficult enough. Sharing too much information on social media can complicate matters, and even be used against you in the courtroom.

Monday - 09/09/2013, 06:26am EDT

Elephant born for the 1st time using frozen sperm

Vienna Zoo reports 1st elephant birth through artificial insemination using frozen sperm

Saturday - 09/07/2013, 08:54pm EDT

Age 3, hanging 10: Preschooler surfer is a natural

Hanging 10 at age 3: Preschooler surfs like a natural on California's central coast

Saturday - 09/07/2013, 08:54pm EDT

Runaway truck flattens vehicle, hits home in Utah

Runaway truck carrying 45 tons of sand flattens vehicle, runs into house in Utah; no injuries

Saturday - 09/07/2013, 08:52pm EDT

1,200 Calif. chickens to retire on the East Coast

1,200 Northern California chickens catch a flight to the East Coast for retirement

Saturday - 09/07/2013, 07:10pm EDT

Ohio man who threatened police holds 'idiot' sign

Ohio man who threatened officers holds 'idiot' sign outside police station at judge's order

Friday - 09/06/2013, 04:40pm EDT

London skyscraper accused of melting Jaguar

Too much heat: London skyscraper suspected in partial melting of luxury car

Friday - 09/06/2013, 03:36pm EDT

UMass students feast on 15,000-pound fruit salad

UMass celebrates the start of the new school year with world record 15,000-pound fruit salad

Friday - 09/06/2013, 03:36pm EDT

Correction: Beach Boys-Wedding story

Correction: Beach Boys-Wedding story

Friday - 09/06/2013, 01:20pm EDT

Drone hunters line up for Colo. town's 'license'

People lining up for Colorado town's symbolic drone-hunting license even before it's issued

Thursday - 09/05/2013, 02:10pm EDT

16 skulls found on streets in Prague

Police: 15 skulls found in wooden box, another in garbage bin on the streets of Czech capital

Thursday - 09/05/2013, 09:20am EDT

Red 'honey' in Utah may come from candy-fed bees

Wednesday - 09/04/2013, 03:40pm EDT

Pawn shops turning high-class with online stores

Pawn shops have gone mainstream, but it's not just for the down and out anymore.

Wednesday - 09/04/2013, 09:31am EDT

Ford announces bacon-wrapped car

Add this to the list of ridiculous bacon-themed merchandise.

Wednesday - 09/04/2013, 07:52am EDT

Egyptian authorities detain suspected 'spy' bird

A case of ruffled feathers: Egypt authorities detain French 'spy' bird found with tracker

Tuesday - 09/03/2013, 06:26pm EDT

Walking shark discovered in Indonesia

A third type of walking shark was discovered in Indonesia recently, which may come as a surprise to those who didn't realize there was a first and second.

Tuesday - 09/03/2013, 03:09pm EDT

Dog injures Stubbs, honorary mayor in Alaska

Dog injures Stubbs the cat, the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska

Tuesday - 09/03/2013, 01:02pm EDT

Mom does back-to-school jig (Video)

For some parents, sending their kids back to school could be filled with anxiety or even sadness. But for one Massachusetts mother, the start of the academic year was something to celebrate.

Tuesday - 09/03/2013, 11:40am EDT

Colo. potty peeper sentenced to 3 years in prison

Colorado man who spied from portable toilet tank gets 3 years in prison, 10 years of probation

Monday - 09/02/2013, 05:40am EDT
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