Colombia halts peace talks after general is taken

Colombia's president suspends peace talks after rebels take general captive

Tuesday - 11/18/2014, 12:20am EST

Former trade union boss to lead New Zealand party

Former trade union boss to lead New Zealand opposition party after big election defeat

Tuesday - 11/18/2014, 12:00am EST

Ex-general tapped to head S. Korean safety office

Ex-navy general nominated to head S. Korean safety agency to be created after ferry disaster

Monday - 11/17/2014, 11:50pm EST

Removal of barricades begins at HK protest site

Workers begin removal of some barricades at Hong Kong student protest site after court order

Monday - 11/17/2014, 11:36pm EST

Widows: Probe into Peru activist killings stalled

Widows of slain indigenous leaders complained of stalled investigation

Monday - 11/17/2014, 10:50pm EST

Accused Mexican drug boss pleads not guilty

Accused leader of Mexican drug cartel pleads not guilty

Monday - 11/17/2014, 09:00pm EST

Indonesian government sharply raises fuel prices

Indonesia's president announces sharp increases in fuel prices

Monday - 11/17/2014, 08:40pm EST

Burkina Faso diplomat chosen as interim leader

Burkina Faso diplomat chosen as interim transitional leader until 2015 elections

Monday - 11/17/2014, 08:40pm EST

FBI looking into laws about body parts shipments

FBI in Vegas probing Bangkok seizure of body parts US tourists tried to ship from Thailand

Monday - 11/17/2014, 08:30pm EST

Air Force working to open last 7 jobs to women

Air Force working on plans to allow women to compete for last 7 male-only jobs in the service

Monday - 11/17/2014, 08:25pm EST

Kerry: US 'not intimidated' by Islamic militants

In aftermath of grisly killing, Kerry underscores need for US involvement in Mideast

Monday - 11/17/2014, 08:25pm EST

Harvard and UNC sued over their admission policies

Lawsuits challenge affirmative action policies at Harvard and the University of North Carolina

Monday - 11/17/2014, 08:10pm EST

Bipartisan bill to revamp federal child care aid

Congress sends President Obama bipartisan bill updating federal child care grants to states

Monday - 11/17/2014, 07:50pm EST

Christie calls on House GOP to compromise

Chris Christie calls on incoming House Republicans to look for compromise in new Congress

Monday - 11/17/2014, 07:30pm EST gets steady traffic; hits bump draws steady consumer interest, hits a bump

Monday - 11/17/2014, 07:26pm EST

Wildlife groups sue over imperiled lynx's habitat

Wildlife groups sue feds after imperiled Canada lynx didn't gain protections for all habitat

Monday - 11/17/2014, 07:20pm EST

New Mexico Dem tapped to head campaign committee

Democratic leader taps New Mexico lawmaker to head campaign committee

Monday - 11/17/2014, 07:00pm EST

Uber, Nevada taxi legal battle gets complicated

Legal battle between Uber, Nevada taxi industry in flux; debate over where case will be argued

Monday - 11/17/2014, 06:52pm EST

Online grocer Peapod reaches website settlement

In settlement, online grocer Peapod agrees to make website more accessible to disabled

Monday - 11/17/2014, 06:50pm EST
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