UN authorizes cross-border aid to Syrians

UN Security Council authorizes cross-border delivery of aid to Syrians in rebel-held areas

Monday - 07/14/2014, 05:09pm EDT

European countries evacuate citizens from Gaza

UK, Sweden, Romania among countries evacuating citizens from Gaza amid violence

Monday - 07/14/2014, 05:02pm EDT

USAF: Virginia base to lose 742 positions

US Air Force: Joint Base Langley-Eustis to lose 742 positions as part of nationwide cuts

Monday - 07/14/2014, 04:49pm EDT

Underground lab tackles Japan nuclear waste issue

In underground lab under reindeer farm, Japan wrestles with dilemma of nuclear waste

Monday - 07/14/2014, 04:36pm EDT

Pakistani teen seeks release of Nigerian girls

Monday - 07/14/2014, 04:19pm EDT

Court awards $1.3 million over canceled contract

Ohio Court of Claims awards $1.3 million to company over contract canceled by state agency

Monday - 07/14/2014, 04:19pm EDT

DC Council overrides mayor's veto of budget

DC Council delivers final blow to outgoing mayor's priorities, overrides his veto of budget

Monday - 07/14/2014, 04:10pm EDT

WTO sides with China, India in 2 US trade disputes

WTO sides with China, India in 2 US trade disputes over import duties

Monday - 07/14/2014, 04:10pm EDT

2016 SPIN METER: 5 things to know not to believe

2016 SPIN METER: 5 things to know not to believe when presidential prospects say them

Monday - 07/14/2014, 04:10pm EDT

Poll: US global image survives spying concerns

Poll: US global image bruised but not badly harmed by Snowden revelations

Monday - 07/14/2014, 03:40pm EDT

Democrats scour records for provocative comments

Hoping to alarm moderate voters, Democrats scrub GOP comments for words on race, sex or plots

Monday - 07/14/2014, 03:16pm EDT

Obama seeks governors' support on immigrant kids

Obama administration tries to rally support among governors on child immigrants

Monday - 07/14/2014, 02:50pm EDT

Va. hospital group spends $400,000 on lobbying

Hospital association backing Medicaid expansion in Virginia spends $400,000 on lobbying

Monday - 07/14/2014, 02:39pm EDT

Judge orders mediation in US Rep. Sanford divorce

Mediation ordered between US Rep. Sanford, ex-wife, Jenny, to resolve sons' trust fund issues

Monday - 07/14/2014, 02:39pm EDT

Octomom pleads no contest to welfare fraud

Octomom pleads no contest to welfare fraud, repays money, is sentenced to community service

Monday - 07/14/2014, 02:19pm EDT

Small SC town rallies for fired gay police chief

Small South Carolina town rallies to get back job for fired gay police chief

Monday - 07/14/2014, 02:08pm EDT

Ex-President George W. Bush has 2nd knee surgery

Ex-President George W. Bush has left knee partially replaced, weeks after right knee surgery

Monday - 07/14/2014, 01:49pm EDT

Democrats get help from Massachusetts Sen. Warren

Massachusetts Sen. Warren becoming prized campaigner as Democrats hope to keep Senate control

Monday - 07/14/2014, 01:44pm EDT

Cypriots file war crimes complaint against Turkey

Cypriot group files war crimes complaint against Turkey at International Criminal Court

Monday - 07/14/2014, 01:40pm EDT
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