Google reaches agreement with EU in antitrust case

EU accepts Google's latest concessions on search display, bringing final deal in sight

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 11:00am EST

Study shows people are more dependent of their smartphones

New study shows that dependency on smartphones has gone way up.

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 10:39am EST

Twitter to take users' tweeted questions for 4Q

Twitter to take tweeted questions from its users in 1st financial report after IPO

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 10:30am EST

Step to artificial hand that feels what you touch

HEALTHBEAT: Scientists wire man's arm to robotics in quest for artificial hand that can feel

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 08:27am EST

Turkey approves Internet restrictions

Turkish legislators endorse measures to expand government's control over Internet

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 07:14am EST

Facebook barrels ahead on 10th anniversary

Born in a dorm room, eyeing world dominance, Facebook turns 10 years old

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 04:16am EST

Are you addicted to your phone?

Researchers are trying to determine how much time phone users spend engaged with their devices. And, a new app attempts to quantify why many have a "phone jones."

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 04:16am EST

Panasonic extends as Olympic sponsor through 2024

Panasonic extends as Olympic Games sponsor through 2024, including 2020 Tokyo Games

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 01:50am EST

FAA to allow more air tours at Grand Canyon

FAA to allow more air tours at Grand Canyon as incentive for quiet technology aircraft

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 09:40pm EST

Police: Educator in YouTube case acknowledged sex

Woman who aired allegations on YouTube told police she was abused 'too many times to count'

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 09:10pm EST

Giving daily-deal sites a second chance

Here's why you should give daily-deal sites Groupon and LivingSocial a second chance

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 06:20pm EST

Oregon offshore wind energy farm project announced

Oregon could get West Coast's first wind energy farm: 5 floating offshore turbines

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 06:00pm EST

Twitter posts 4Q loss but beats estimates

Twitter stock falls after-hours following 4Q results amid user growth worries

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 05:43pm EST

Timeline: Key dates in Facebook's 10-year history

Timeline: Key events in Facebook's 10-year history

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 05:30pm EST

Google awards $106M in stock, cash to Schmidt

Google awards $100 million in restricted stock plus $6 million cash bonus to Eric Schmidt

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 02:30pm EST

Swiss govt tightens tech security over NSA spying

Swiss govt orders tighter rules for tech security in wake of NSA spying reports

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 09:40am EST

Alleged Silk Road mastermind indicted in NY

Alleged Silk Road mastermind indicted on charges including drug trafficking, money laundering

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 08:50am EST

A look at Microsoft's new CEO, Satya Nadella

A look at Microsoft's new CEO, Satya Nadella

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 08:30am EST

Microsoft CEO to focus on mobile, cloud technology

Microsoft names longtime insider to be new CEO, aims to focus on mobile and cloud technology

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 04:40am EST

APNewsBreak: Police say teacher acknowledged sex

APNewsBreak: Police say California educator acknowledged having sexual relations with student

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 04:40am EST
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