Israeli peace activist Ron Pundak dies

Ron Pundak, Israeli activist who initiated peace talks with Palestinians in 1990s, dies at 59

Friday - 04/11/2014, 09:10am EDT

Arlington County's Vihstadt to be sworn in

Arlington Co.'s Vihstadt to be sworn in, will be county board's first non-Democrat since 1999

Friday - 04/11/2014, 09:00am EDT

Iraq's deputy PM escapes assassination attempt

Iraqi lawmaker says deputy prime minister escapes assassination attempt west of Baghdad

Friday - 04/11/2014, 09:00am EDT

Sri Lanka says it killed 3 trying to revive rebels

Sri Lanka says soldiers kill 3 men who were attempting to revive defeated Tamil Tiger rebels

Friday - 04/11/2014, 09:00am EDT

In rural India, women want politicians to deliver

Woman comprise half of Indian voters, but remain marginalized despite formidable women leaders

Friday - 04/11/2014, 07:54am EDT

In China, jar of French mountain air fetches $860

Breath of French air jarred by Chinese artist fetches $860 in mix of pollution protest, profit

Friday - 04/11/2014, 07:08am EDT

Nigeria complains about Mugabe calling it corrupt

Nigeria calls in Zimbabwe envoy to complain about Mugabe calling the country corrupt

Friday - 04/11/2014, 07:00am EDT

Cambodia sends 13 to prison for insurrection plot

Cambodia sentences 13 men to prison terms of 5-9 years for plotting to overthrow government

Friday - 04/11/2014, 06:40am EDT

Investors flee tech stocks again, pummeling Nasdaq

Stocks drop as investors dump biotech, other former favorites; Nasdaq has worst day since 2011

Friday - 04/11/2014, 06:30am EDT

Brazil president to Blatter: Country will be ready

Brazil president Rousseff tells FIFA chief Blatter that country will be ready for World Cup

Friday - 04/11/2014, 05:54am EDT

Bush says education key to civil rights

Bush says education key to civil rights, fears 'soft bigotry' of low expectations returning

Friday - 04/11/2014, 05:40am EDT

Italy court overturns ban on egg or sperm donation

Italian court strikes down ban forbidding egg or sperm donation for infertile couples

Friday - 04/11/2014, 05:40am EDT

Elder President Bush to endorse GOP nominee in Ga.

Despite cameo in ads, George H.W. Bush to back eventual Republican nominee in Georgia

Friday - 04/11/2014, 05:30am EDT

3 dead, 20 wounded in southern Philippine clash

3 Abu Sayyaf extremists killed, 20 soldiers wounded in ongoing clash in southern Philippines

Friday - 04/11/2014, 05:20am EDT

Congress to Iran: Ambassador's application denied

Indignant Congress says no to Iran's ambassador pick, unanimously backs measure barring entry

Friday - 04/11/2014, 05:20am EDT

NY judge sentences SAC Capital in $1.8B fraud deal

NY judge sentences SAC Capital according to terms of government's record $1.8B fraud deal

Friday - 04/11/2014, 05:10am EDT

Fired nuke commander will retire at lower rank

Fired two-star general who commanded Air Force nuke missile corps will retire at lower rank

Friday - 04/11/2014, 05:00am EDT

Obama calls Merkel to 'check in' on Ukraine crisis

Obama calls German Chancellor Angela Merkel to 'check in' on situation in Ukraine

Friday - 04/11/2014, 04:40am EDT

Putin: Ukraine debt threatens Europe gas supplies

Putin warns European leaders: Gas dispute with Ukraine can threaten their own energy supplies

Friday - 04/11/2014, 04:34am EDT

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill at a glance

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill at a glance

Friday - 04/11/2014, 04:28am EDT
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